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Fathers Day Gift Ideas

It’s Fathers Day this weekend!

Everybody is keen to find the perfect Fathers Day Gift.  Slippers? Dressing Gown? Book Token? All viable options. However here at Simple Lighting we have a few unique and memorable ideas for a gift that will get much more use than a joke tie or pair of “Best Dad ever” socks.

LED TV light kit - Father Day Gift IdeaFirst up we have our LED TV kits for flat screen TVs, this is a gift that’s seriously impressive. It gives a great lighting effect and is a remarkably easy 10 minute, basic wiring job to put together. It’s s just enough DIY to be simple to assemble, yet give your dad the opportunity to tell everybody he put it together with pride.

Our LED TV kit is available in cool white, warm white and colour changing RGB LED each would give your dad an amazing, cinematic lighting effect on the living room TV, or if he has one, his man cave – an excellent Fathers Day Gift!

Fathers Day Gift Idea

For something slightly more elaborate, and certainly a lot of fun, we have the 9 Watt E27 colour changing bulb. This is a colour changing lamp with an E27 fitting. It has a lifespan of up to 25,000 hours meaning you can count on the bulb lasting for many years before it needs replacing.

The colour changing bulb can be used  in sync or in different zones with the Lighteez RGB remote. This remote allows you to sync up to 5 lights so they’ll all display the same colour or pattern. With the RGB remote you can set up as many as 4 light zones which means you can set a different light scheme in different areas of the room or rooms in the house.

The RGB remote has a dimmer alongside a variety of other functions including flash, fade, auto change colours with variable speed. It also has a memory. The memory function allows the lamp to resume the chosen function or colour when turned back on so if you find a setting you like, you don’t have to set it up every time you turn it on.Fathers Day Gift Idea

Finally, if your dad does have a man cave, shed or study, our colour changing LED tape kits would certainly give a really nice lighting effect to the room. These kits come bundled with either a basic remote or you can add the Lighteez RGB remote to the order to allow more control of the light tape. The effect they give off really is stunning and won’t fail to impress. Best Fathers Day Gift Ever!

If you want to go for something like a novelty “Award Winning Dad” pint glass or engraved cuff links, that’s always an option. However, if you’d prefer to go for something memorable, that will get a lot of use and earn you plenty of brownie points with your dad this Fathers Day, give some of our suggestions a closer look.

All of our LED tape kits are manufactured to order in our factory right here. Along with the RGB remote controller and the colour changing bulb, the LED tape kits are available with next working day delivery if ordered before 3pm. So if you want to get it in time for Sunday, get your order in now.


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