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Cosy Autumn LED Lighting Ideas

I’m sorry to say it, but… summer is soon going to be drawing to an end… (sigh!)

When autumn arrives, the gorgeous blue sky that has been enjoyed for a couple of months disappears behind a blanket of cloud. Hopefully a big, white, fluffy blanket of cloud.

The leaves turn from luscious green to ageing yellow to autumnal red and finally to a browned crunchy crisp. Although we all know it’s going to happen every year, somehow we are never quite prepared for the change in the weather.

Before the cold spells make us reach for an extra blanket and light a roaring log fire, there are many ways to make autumn a period of cosiness by making some small changes at home to welcome the fresh new season.

By adding simple but effective touches like a thick colourful rug, heavyweight curtains or rustic woollen pillows, your living room or bedroom would have an autumnal feel that would warm the soul.

Cosy Interior Lighting Ideas

Lamps create a warm feeling.


By far the easiest (and most cost effective) way to create a cosy autumnal atmosphere in your home is by simply choosing the right lighting.

Table lamps or floor lamps are a great starting point. Choosing a warm white bulb instead of a cool white one will give your home a warmer, softer, more inviting feel to see you through both autumn and winter.

For those of you looking for something slightly different, there is LED tape or there are LED under cabinet lights. The difference that can be made to any room just by using some ambient mood lighting instead of reaching for the main light switch is incredible!

LED cove lighting modern bedroom

LED Cove Lighting – Creates a warm glow in a modern room.

LED tape can be used in so many different ways, such as cove lighting which washes the ceiling with light, creating a warm look to the room without being overly dramatic. It can be used under shelves to create a downlight effect, or behind pictures or mirrors for a soft glow. Using LED tape on the back of your TV has become very popular recently. The possibilities really are endless, only your imagination is the limit!

A warm white LED tape strip or LED under cabinet lights in any bedroom, kitchen, living room or bathroom will complement both modern or traditional decor.

LED lighting for cosy autumn nights

LED lighting improves your mood and looks stunning

Remember, earthy colours inside a room will give the feeling of being outdoors and everyone feels better outside. So bring it inside with free accessories that you can find in your garden such as pine cones that could be arranged in a bowl, twigs, or a wicker basket full of logs.

In my home, autumn just wouldn’t be autumn without some awesome smelling scented candles dotted around to add to the atmosphere and make things feel even more cosy! (There is just something about the flickering flames).

Moving into different seasons does not mean a revamp of an entire interior or furniture, it simply means adding a few touches to create a mood that cannot be captured at any time during the months before spectacular autumn.

Last but by no means least… Make sure to remember to stock up on the hot chocolate!!!

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