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4th January 2020 Comments Off on Case Study: Network Rail National Centre Views: 197 Case studies, Commercial, Inspiration, Simple Lighting Blog

Case Study: Network Rail National Centre

In 2012, Network Rail’s new operational HQ opened its doors to 3,000 employees from across the country in a group of four building in Milton Keynes, known as the Quadrant: MK. With over 1.6 billion rail journeys made each year, Network Rail’s National Centre will be focusing on making rail journeys faster, safer and greener.

Network Rail states To help us build a better railway for a better Britain, we need to give our people the right surroundings to do the best job they can. The Quadrant: MK centralises national operations and gives our people an inspiring environment to grow their talent.”

 The Quadrant: MK is a modern and sustainable working environment, with great emphasis on reducing energy consumption. There’s an intelligent natural ventilation system, the inside temperature is regulated by the thermal mass of the building, and natural light floods through the main atrium.

The efficient, low energy hub sits adjacent to Milton Keynes railway station, encouraging employees to use public transportation. There is also a charging point for electric cars, to further their green initiative.


Before planning, eco concerns were high on the agenda. During construction, the site team put in measures that delivered energy savings of £80,000 in 20 months. On site monitoring stations show how much energy is being used, where and when.

A prominent feature of the atrium is open staircases for each building linked at third-floor level by footbridges, the aim is to encourage communications between departments, rather than sending an e-mail. It is the footbridges that this article focuses on, as our LED strips were selected by specialists to illuminate this key feature of the building.


Peter Bastian of Logic Lights, who has been a customer of ours since around 2011, presented our LED tape to the buyers and designers at Network Rail and ours was selected due to the considerable difference in our quality and brightness compared to others.


Peter supplied our bespoke LED Tape and we were delighted to see the finished result. With the eco-friendly and energy efficient benefits of using LED, this will certainly contribute towards the Network Rail’s mission to create a sustainable working environment.


So, if like Peter, you’d like to join the LED revolution and want super-efficient lighting, give our sales team a call on 0151 375 9210, or visit our website at

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