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Buying Your Dream Chandelier

Ever the picture of gorgeous, elaborate design, chandeliers have always been one of the most popular and admired lighting fixtures in the home. Beyond their practical use, their elegant profile and status as a sophisticated focal point for any room have made them a must-have for many a home. How do you make sure you’re getting the chandelier that’s just the right fit for the home, the room, and the style you want to accomplish?

What is a chandelier?

A chandelier is a lighting fixture fit primarily to the roof of a room. Unlike more perfunctory lighting fixtures, chandeliers are immediately noticeable for how much more room they take and the focus on the design of the fixture themselves. The primary difference is that chandeliers have multiple arms spreading out from the base, bearing a light on each branch. They are similar to candelabras, except chandeliers are always a hanging fixture, while candelabras are on a stand. Within that definition, there are many differences, of course. Compared to more traditional designs, modernist chandeliers tend to have a smaller profile with more understated branches. There are crystal chandeliers, too, that feature hanging crystals that offer more than just a dazzling display. These crystals also fragment and direct the light produced, helping to make the room brighter.

Crystal Chandelier From Simple Lighting

Oksana UL1P12N 12 Lights Chandelier

Where are they best used?

Chandeliers can be used all over the home. Initially, they were most commonly associated with the more “social” rooms of the home, such as the front hall and the dining room. Nowadays, however, there are smaller chandeliers that could be a perfect fit for the bathroom or even a bedroom or anywhere else you want that appeal of class and intricate design. Chandeliers have also become a popular fixture in gazebos and other outdoor structures that offer some cover.

What do you want from your chandelier?

As mentioned, there is no one specific style of chandelier, so choosing the right one means taking a closer look at your wants and needs. Budget and size must be determined first, and there are plenty of options in our range for those with any price range and for larger or smaller rooms. Then, it’s about the mood that you want to set in the room. For rooms with a more classic or sophisticated appeal, then the traditional chandelier with highly detailed arms and bold brass colours might be the best fit. In more minimalist spaces, modern chandeliers can be perfect for their chrome and understated design. If you want to create a real focal point of it or to make sure that light is thoroughly distributed through the room, then crystal might be the right option for you.

Use that eye for detail, class, and practicality and add prestige to your home with the right chandelier. We have over ninety designs available, from traditional to modern collections, in a variety of shapes, colours and materials, from metal to crystal. Think more closely about your needs, the style you want, and find the chandelier that makes the perfect fit.

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