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6 Things To Know When Buying Switches And Sockets

Here are the six things to know when buying switches and sockets:

Are you looking to upgrade your switches and sockets? The selection may be overwhelming online, but there are some things you should know and consider to ensure that you are purchasing the right, high-quality product for your application.

1. How the switch works

Two-way is a term referring to the way the switch works. One-way switches break the circuit when it is thrown with only a single live terminal. A two-way switch provides live connection from one terminal to another. Hence, it can be connected to another similar switch to control the light from two positions.

2. The gang

Determine the amount of control points a light switch or a socket has when you plug it in. Single sockets are one-gang and double sockets are two-gang. The same thing applies to light switches. Hence, one switch is one-gang, and two switches are two-gang.

4 gang stainless steel light switch - switches and sockets

A Smart Looking 4 Gang Light Switch From Simple Lighting.

3. Intermediate switch

This feature allows you to control lighting from three positions.

4. Safety feature

Look for a double pole—the safety feature on the mains electrical control points that breaks connections between the neutral and live terminals to enable complete isolation. This way, it lets you perform maintenance safely, especially on high-powered equipment and appliances.

5. The finish

White plastic is typical among switches and sockets, but there are many other finishes you can consider especially if you want them to look aesthetically pleasing and capable of matching your room’s theme. Consider metal finishes like brushed or polished chrome, brushed stainless steel, polished or antique brass, or pearl or black nickel. You may find them in painted white metal, too, with a matte or gloss finish.

6. The supplier or retailer

Buy switches and sockets only from established and reputable providers with over five years of experience in business. Verify their reputation by looking up their Trustpilot reviews. Make sure they offer hassle free returns and up to seven years warranty on their products. Consider a supplier that provides next-day delivery, too.

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