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How to bring your hallway lighting into the future

Your hallway is often neglected within your home. Simply passing through it to get to the room needed. However, such a high traffic place shouldn’t be ignored. Don’t forget when you open that front door the hallway is what every visitor will see. First impressions matter and with the right hallway lighting everyone will be blown away.

How to bring your hallway lighting into the future

Bring your hallway out of the dark ages with these simple lighting ideas

So why not bring your personal style into even the smallest areas of your hallway with these wonderful contemporary hallway lighting ideas.

Let’s start with the simple changes that can give your hallway that much needed contemporary make over. Ceiling lights make their way into every room in your home, but often the hallway finds itself with a plain light fitting that is ignored and often doesn’t go with the rest of the home décor. So why not replace that tired light fitting and bring instant new life to your hallway.

A simple hanging pendant light in the centre of your hallway, especially with a chrome finish, can fill your space with bright light and maintain that contemporary feeling. These would be great for those looking to make a statement but not wanting to change the hallway lighting too much.

Make a statement with your hallway lighting

Make a statement with a beautiful hanging pendant light in your hallway

There are other ceiling light options that you can utilise within your hallway. Why not rip out that centre hallway lighting fixture altogether and replace with LED ceiling spotlights? Rather than having one light attempting to illuminate the entire hallway the spotlights can be placed to do just that. They can be fitted recessed into the ceiling which means they will be flush and create an outstanding hallway lighting effect.

You can even fit them with a dimmable LED spotlight bulb for the ultimate control over your lights. After all no one wants to come in from the dark to glaring white light. A soft glow from these LED ceiling spotlights will give you all the lighting you need without letting the entire neighbourhood know you are home.

Now the ceiling is covered, why stop there? With the nights growing longer now, we are waking in the dark. Travelling down the stairs in pitch black is not a wise choice but still you don’t want to wake up the entire house with the overhead lights. Why not line your staircase with stylish plinth lights?

Hallway lighting for any time of the day, simple elegant plinth lights

Light up your staircase for those early mornings and the parties for the night before

These plinth lights can be fitted on each step or along the wall next to the staircase and will be flush against the surface. This means that there is no tripping hazards and every step on your case will be beautifully lit with just a flick of a switch. There is even the option with these LED plinth lights to have them changing colour therefore you are not limited to just white light in your home. Perfect for those winter parties, to add an extra bit of glam to your home.

The creativity does not stop there. You can even use walk over lights within your hallway lighting to highlight your flooring. Give your fantastic flooring that final flourish with these walk over lights. Made from stainless steel they can withstand the heavy traffic that comes with a hallway. Show off your hallway flooring no matter how dark it grows outside.

Elegant walk over lights can give that finishing touch to your hallway lighting

Elegant walk over lights can give that finishing touch to your hallway

Despite being a tiny 33mm diameter light, they will still provide the perfect amount of accent lighting to your hallway. You will never trip over that stray shoe from the party the night before in the darkness again with these efficient LED walk over lights.

There is no reason to be in the dark with all these contemporary hallway lighting ideas. Make your hallway lighting as flawless as the rest of your home.

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