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How to light your bathroom

We know Lighting, and would like to share some bathroom lighting advice with you…

Here’s some of our best bathroom lighting advice. When arranging your bathroom lighting you’re going to want something elegant, clean and functional. That’s the easy part. The first thing you need to consider is the waterproof rating of the lights you’re using and which areas of your bathroom you’ll be using them in. The best way to plan this is to think of your bathroom in 4 zones.

Zone 0 is anywhere water is likely to be, for example the interior of your bath or shower basin. In this area any light source needs an IP67 rating for total water immersion.

Zone 1 is the area above Zone 0 to a height of 2.25 meters from the floor. In this area you’ll need a minimum IP44 rating for lighting where there’s likely to be water splashed.

Zone 2 is the area 60cm outside the edge of the bath, again to a height of 2.25 meters from the floor. It’s also good practice to consider the area immediately around the sink and anywhere within 60cm of a tap as Zone 2. Again you will need lighting in this area to be rated IP44.

Zone 3 is anywhere outside zones 0, 1 and 2 where no water jets are likely to be used. In this area you can use lighting with any safety rating.

bathroom lighting advice

With this in mind you can start to plan your lighting areas in your bathroom.

Firstly, Zone 0. If you’re inclined to have lights around your shower basin or in your bath you can use the IP67 rated neon flex for a waterproof yet effective lighting solution. You can also add in walkover lights in these areas. These fully submersible ground lights can make an elegant, modern and exciting addition to your bathroom lighting.

bathroom lighting advice

Zone 1. Moving into Zone 1 and 2 our IP65 LED tape can really bring a stunning lighting effect to your bathroom. It’s safe, easy to install and using cool white light will provide a bright, energising light.

Bathroom Lighting advice from Simple Lighting

If you want something more elaborate a recessed LED profile mounted into the wall would make an impressive decorative feature as well as a great lighting solution. To finish off, one option would be an IP44 rated bathroom wall fitting to get a good lighting balance.

Zone 2: The best addition for zone 2 would be an illuminated bathroom mirror or illuminated bathroom cabinet with a cool white light. This would provide ample light when using the mirror . There are a variety of mirrors available with an LED light, each provide a cool white light which is an excellent compliment to the rooms lighting.
LED bathroom lighting 3 (1)

You could also run some waterproof LED tape above the sink to create a nice functional lighting effect.



Zone 3: Finally to the ceiling bathroom lighting advice. Regardless of the size of your bathroom you can opt for a traditional ceiling fitting like an IP44 rated polished chrome light fitting or if you want something more contemporary, fitting IP44 rated downlights in your ceiling would create an evenly lit bathroom which is a joy to use.

Bath Downlights



With all this information we hope you’re feeling suitably inspired to create a stunning bathroom lighting scheme. If you need any further advice or information you can always contact our customer service team on 0808 250 8294.

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