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Audio bulbs: a bright AND loud idea

There are a couple of things that personify modern living – take WiFi and smart technology, for starters. Now take a look at our brand new audio or speaker bulbs with their cool built-in amplifier.


Audio bulbs and docking system

In fact, next time you listen to your favourite tunes, why not use one of these audio bulbs kits and crank up the music for everyone to hear?  The bulbs aren’t difficult to use; in fact they’re literally as easy as switching on a light. That’s because our wireless Audio & LED Lighting System comes complete with docking station, remote control and two audio bulbs already set to install and go.

These award-winning devices provide 5W of light per bulb coupled with some very powerful audio quality.  The latter is so good that you can actually streamline music or any other audio in a large room and get far better results that your outdated audio system.

For a complete audio bulb system you can add up to eight additional bulbs (these can be purchased in addition to the two that come with the initial system kit.  And if you really want to go all the way and create clubbing class music then take a look at the subwoofer for audio bulbs.

Setting up your new Audio & LED Lighting System

  1. All you need to do here is replace your standard light bulbs with the audio bulbs and connect to your audio source; whether smartphone or iPod etc. It really is that easy.
  2. As we’ve mentioned, audio bulbs can fit into whatever existing lighting system you have and you don’t need an adapter to fit into your existing LED recessed lighting. To use them in lamps and other lighting fixtures you will need an adaptor but you’ll find that’s already part of your kit.
  3. Alter the level of both lighting and sound via your remote control.
  4. Sit back, enjoy your sounds and congratulate yourself that you’re also saving cash – thanks to the energy saving efficiency of LED lighting.

Here at Simple Lighting we’ve seen not just homeowners but also public venues, restaurants and retail outlets use these impressive system.  So whether you’re are an IT geek, hip homeowner or trendy restaurant owner, be sure to get your hands on this latest new piece of kit.

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