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Add Security And Safety To Your Home With LED Floodlights

If you’re looking to light up your garden or driveway during these dark winter nights, LED floodlights offer a stylish and affordable solution that will also give you added security.

The modern generation of LED floodlights are perfect for lighting up your outside areas with adjustable light and are also much more energy-efficient and adaptable than their predecessors.

There are also safety benefits to having floodlights in your outside spaces. In the dark, it’s hard to see slippery patches of ice or wet areas, making people susceptible to slips, trips and falls. LED floodlights will throw light over your path, illuminating your way to safety.

Light up your outside space with LED floodlights

Light up your outside space with LED floodlights


Longer Life LED Floodlights

Unlike traditional floodlights with halogen or fluorescent lamps, LED floodlights produce almost no heat, meaning they can be placed near delicate plants, flowerbeds and other outdoor fixtures with no risk of overheating and causing damage. And their major advantage is their long lifespan.

Given that we use our outside lighting less than indoor lighting, your LED floodlights will last a very long time. Industry standards demand at least 20,000 hours of life for LED bulbs, but many last up to 50,000 and beyond. That means they’ll last between 18 and 46 years if you use them three hours a day! LED bulbs do not burn out quickly either. Instead, they slowly dim. However, they don’t lose their colour tint as they fade, so you maintain the effect you’ve created and have time to buy new bulbs before they extinguish.

Several other features make LED floodlights very appealing. They’re much more durable than traditional floodlights as they’re not affected by frequent switching on or off, vibrations, or extreme hot or cold temperatures, making them extra-robust and impervious to the nasty winter weather.

A Range of Styles and Colours

Simple Lighting’s LED floodlights come in a range of sizes and wattages, so no matter how small or big your outside space is, there is a floodlight to suit your needs. Far from being bulky and imposing as with traditional floodlights, the modern generation of LED floodlights come in slimline versions which will fit seamlessly into your garden area or outside space without being too noticeable. They also come in black, silver or white finishes to match your exterior décor.

Our floodlights come in a range of styles and colour finishes

Our floodlights come in a range of styles and colour finishes

Although cool white is the most common colour temperature, our LED floodlights also come in warm white for those who prefer a softer light.

Motion Sensor Floodlights For Added Security

It’s no surprise that burglary rates rise over the winter months as thieves hide under the cover of the longer evening hours. If security is a priority, you can’t go wrong with installing a few floodlights in your garden and for added security and peace of mind, you can also buy PIR motion or movement sensor floodlights.

The sensor will detect any movement and will switch on instantly with full brightness, and because they only come on when activated, you save even more money on your energy bills. The PIR sensor is adjustable, letting you change how long the light stays on or adjust how sensitive the sensor is – which is particularly handy for people with pets who like to wander outside. For properties which are close to traffic, you can adjust the distance at which the sensor will operate, cutting out needless interruptions from passing vehicles.

Other Outdoor Lighting Solutions

Spike lights are also a fantastic way of lighting up gardens, flowerbeds, driveways, pathways or other darkened areas which would not be suitable for floodlights. They’re easily positioned in the ground to highlight any aspects of your garden you want to light up.

Spike lights can highlight individual areas like flowerbeds

Spike lights can highlight individual areas like flowerbeds

Walk-over lights or recessed floor lights are perfect for lighting your way when leaving and returning home in the dark. Fully recessed into your decking, patio or even doorstep, these little lights are waterproof and blend perfectly with their surroundings. Even when winter is over these lights will still be a wonderful feature in your garden or driveway.

Beautiful effect from decking lights

Elsewhere, wall lights near entrances and porches will not only help you identify callers, but also make visitors feel welcome. Flush-fitting wall lights are also a good option for finding your way down narrow side entries and alleyways.

Wall lights can illuminate your way to safety in the dark

Wall lights can illuminate your way to safety in the dark

Selecting IP-Rated Outdoor Lights

When selecting your outdoor light fittings, be sure to check the Ingress Protection (IP) rating, which is marked by the letters “IP” followed by 2 digits. The first digit indicates the level of protection the light fitting has against dust or other objects getting inside it and the second refers to how waterproof it is.

As a general rule, when choosing outdoor lights, make sure they have a minimum IP rating of 44 (IP44). If your outdoor lighting comes into contact with other water sources such as sprinklers or fountains, the IP rating will need to be higher.

Browse our range of LED outdoor lights and give your home a stylish security guard!

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