How to light your home without breaking the bank

How To Light Your Home Without Breaking The Bank

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3 Ways To Overcome Dull Areas In Your Bedroom

You needn’t settle for dull areas in your bedroom, because you want subdued light. Many fixtures and lighting techniques offer solutions so you can light your bedroom without glare. Your bedroom is a refuge for rest and relaxation, so you need warm ambient light.

Let’s look at three possible treatments to light up dull areas in your bedroom, that also offer warmth and ambiance.

Down Lighting for Dull Areas in Your Bedroom

Beautiful down lights in bedroom

Beautiful down lights in bedroom

The days of relying on table lamps and perhaps an overhead fixture are long gone. Modern lighting mixes a variety of fixtures to provide ample light for tasks as well as soft, warm lighting when you’re relaxing.

Down lighting works well, because you can either recess accent lights above the bed or install spotlights and point them to areas that require illumination. You can add hidden LED downlights above the bed to direct the light onto your book. You can also create a focal point in a dingy corner by highlighting a piece of art. Spotlights can also bounce off a wall to create eye-catching light patterns.

If you have a small bedroom, you can also distribute fixtures evenly across the ceiling to light the space to make it appear larger. Add a dimmer so you can match the light level to your mood and tasks.

Dimmable LED Strips

LED technology offers flexibility and affordability. You can buy rigid units you can tuck behind a valance or LED tape you can wind around the room wherever you need light. You can light around a mirror, behind a TV or architectural feature with flexible LED tape. LED bulbs work well near reflective surfaces, so you needn’t worry about glare.

LED TV kit

LED TV kit

You can wire many LED fixtures to dimmers; a perfect choice for any bedroom. You can increase the light when you’re cleaning or on your laptop, and lower it when you’re lounging.

LED also offers shades of white and colour if you’re feeling adventurous. It’s an inexpensive way to add interest to a neutral décor or to warm up a minimalist design. Ensure you buy warm white bulbs if you choose white in the bedroom. They emit a warm, yellowish glow.

Wall Wash Lighting

You want soft, ambient light in your relaxing retreat and LED wall washers provide it. You’ve probably seen these used in lounges, restaurants or around the pool. They illuminate an entire wall, and they create ambiance without glare.

Designers often “wash” the largest white wall in the room that does not accommodate the bed. The light bounces softly into the room, but also highlights art or wall decorations.

Another simple technique is to use double wall lights. Light shines upwards and downwards creating drama, interest and warmth. Many are sleek and modern if you’re looking for contemporary styling.


Bedroom lighting follows the basic rules of lighting. Layer light for ambiance, tasks, and accenting objects or areas in the room. Using dimmers in the bedroom is a must. They increase flexibility, extend bulb life and save you money.

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