3 ways to overcome dull areas in your bedroom

3 Ways To Overcome Dull Areas In Your Bedroom

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Want To Improve Your Lighting? Ask These 5 Questions

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3 Unusual Ways To Light Your Living Room

How you light your living room should reflect how you use the room, your tastes, and your interests. Nonetheless, many homeowners choose the same old fixtures and methods instead of adding personal flair. A table lamp on either end of the sofa might provide the lighting you need when you read, but does it create mood and interest?

Fortunately, many exciting lighting schemes are very simple to do and very affordable. The key to eye-popping effects is to mix general illumination, task lighting, and accent lighting. When you do this properly, you position light where you need it and create interest.

Here are 3 unusual ways to consider for your living room, and they don’t include table lamps.

Spruce Up The Ceiling

Many living rooms rely on a single overhead light. Still others have no overhead lighting at all. This is unfortunate, because you need some overhead lighting to manoeuvre in a room. Nothing’s worse than a dark, dreary living room, but glaring light is often worse. Your living room is usually a place to relax, and bright light in the living room can be irritating.

Modern Home Blue LED Cove Lighting in living room

Modern Home Blue LED Cove Lighting in living room

So what can you do to get light in a living room, but not glare? One simple, affordable solution is continuous LED lighting strip to create an overall glow. You can conceal them where the ceiling meets the wall or you can use LED tape to trace unusual architectural lines such as the ridge of a cove ceiling, exposed beams, or even around the top of fireplace.

Put the lights on a dimmer so you can have as much, or as little, light as you need. Warm white LED bulbs offer a soft, yellowish glow similar to incandescent, but with enormous energy savings.

Wash The Walls

You’ll not find an easier method to accent an area in your living room than LED wall washers. It provides uniform, indirect lighting across a wall. If you have older plaster walls, they’re also excellent for toning down texture and blemishes for a flawless effect.

If you have a long, narrow living room you can make it seem wider by illuminating an end wall. If you have a small living room, you can hang a mirror on one wall and wash the opposite wall with light. Dimmers offer variety and functionality. Wash the wall with brighter light when you need it, and tone it down when you’re chatting or watching the telly.

Light Your Living Room With Focal Points

You’ll want to create areas of interest in your living room too. For instance, you might want to position an LED floor lamp between two armchairs to create a reading or conversation area.

LED strip in living room cabinets gives your room a unique focal point

LED strip in living room cabinets gives your room a unique focal point

You may also want to highlight a piece of sculpture, a group of photos, or your favourite trinkets. Under cabinet lighting directs light downwards, without illuminating surrounding areas. You needn’t worry about glare – the light is soft and warm. They’re a great way to add your personal touch to a room.

Lighting today offers far more than chandeliers, wall sconces, and table lamps. Think outside of the box instead of relying on the old standbys. Your living room should reflect your tastes and lifestyle.

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