LED mirrors are slowly becoming essential to modern bathrooms. It wouldn’t be a surprise because having one can revolutionise your lifestyle. Many people find it difficult to go back to using a regular mirror after experiencing the many benefits of owning one with an LED light. Even if you have a small bathroom, you’ll find an LED mirror that suits your space. You may even find it more fitting for your tiny area since it’s two-in-one!

If you’re not convinced that LED mirrors for bathrooms are the new trend for bathroom lighting, here are some benefits that may make you agree!


Benefits of LED Bathroom Mirrors

One of the main reasons why LED bathroom mirrors are planting their mark in the market is because of their energy efficiency. Since it’s designed with LED technology, it’s guaranteed to last longer than a standard traditional bulb. Typically, these LEDs can last for 20,000 – 50,000 hours. If you compare it with a conventional bulb that can last for mostly 2,000 years, it’s way longer!

As for energy efficiency, this LED mirror only consumes minimal power but can produce a massive amount of lumens output. Again, if you compare it with traditional lighting solutions, this energy-to-light conversion would not even be possible! So, with this, not only can you save from electrical consumption but also from maintenance costs.

Another reason why LED bathroom lights are preferred by many is because of the other features that come with them! Some have a demister pad that allows you to enjoy long showers without fogging your mirror. Others have a shaver socket or built-in shelf or cabinet. If you’re always on the go, there are LED bathroom mirrors with a QI charger! There are wide varieties of LED bathroom mirrors with their own quirks. All you need to do is find one that fits your needs.


Effect of an LED Mirror In a Room

Mirrors and lighting play an important role in how a space is perceived. Both can make your room look bigger and brighter. If you have a spacious area, you can utilise mirrors as a stunning piece of interest that is both the focal point of the room and also a practical addition.

If you’re working with a smaller room, you can utilise bathroom mirrors to provide illumination and reflection to make the space look bigger. Aside from that, it’s more space-saving because you don’t need to purchase a fixture and a mirror separately.

Some LED bathroom mirrors are colour-changing. If you can get your hands on one, go for it! It’ll enable you to alter the mood of your bathroom, either making it relaxing if you’re enjoying a bath or bright when you’re rushing to get ready!

Since LED mirrors have built-in lighting, they can give your space another source of illumination. It’s particularly helpful for areas where natural sunlight barely shows or during months when the sun is not frequently shining.


Variation of LED Mirrors

One of the best things about LED mirrors is it comes in so many variations. Gone are the times when everything is one-size-fits-all. Now, you can get an LED mirror suitable for your lifestyle and needs! You can select from different sizes and shapes so any room in your home can have an LED mirror.

Also, LED mirrors come in different colour temperatures. However, as mentioned before, if you can buy one that is colour adjustable, opt for that since you can customise it based on your preferences.

Another diversity you’ll notice with LED mirrors is the placement of the LEDs. Some have it around the entire mirror, while others are just on top and bottom or on each side.


LED Mirror Cabinets

Not enough space and storage? If so, try LED mirror cabinets! Instead of just a mirror and LED lights, this type of LED mirror is integrated with a cabinet. Besides giving you a discreet extra storage space to store your medicine, toiletries and beauty product, you’ll also have lighting to brighten your room!


Maintaining LED Bathroom Mirrors

Although your LED bathroom mirrors are guaranteed to last for years, it does not mean that you’ll let them be throughout their lifetime. It still needs maintenance to ensure that you’re getting the best lighting quality! Dust and dirt can build up and may block the light coming from your LED mirror. You may think the luminance is waning, but maybe a few wipes will just do the trick!

When cleaning the glass of the mirrors, get a glass cleaning spray or wipes. It’s the best way to maintain its pristine look and avoid creating blotches. Powder, toothpaste, and other product that you splash on the mirror may have a negative effect on its clarity. Try to wipe it down at least once a week to keep its initial resolution. Also, use a microfiber cloth instead of a paper towel to avoid scratching the mirror.

For the frame of your LED mirror, if ever it has one, there are different ways to clean it depending on the material. If it’s wood, mix soap and water because a more robust solution may corrode the glossy finish and prematurely age the wood.

Also, if your LED mirror has a wooden shelf or cabinet, don’t let damp products sit on it because it will permanently discolour the wood. Tyr to make an effort to wipe it regularly because the bottom of your beauty products may have residue and leave stains.

LED mirrors are really a game changer in the bathroom. While it can be a bit more expensive than a regular mirror, it’s a worth-it investment because of all the benefits it brings. In one unit, you’ll be able to get a mirror and a fixture, plus an added special perk! So, if you’re in the market for LED mirrors for your bathroom, check out our website, Simple Lighting! We have an entire collection filled with various sizes, shapes, colour temperatures, and more!


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