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Why LED lighting is better than strip lights for kitchen cabinets

Having lighting shining down from underneath kitchen cabinets onto worktops isn’t just handy – it’s also very attractive and, if the lighting is warm white, can lend a very cosy look to the room.

Thanks to LED tape, today it’s simple to install and means there’s no broken light where the old fluorescent tubes used to end. Instead, you can have light right around the underside of your cabinets in a far more streamlined fashion.


Under-cabinet lighting is what kitchen designers refer to as ambient light, i.e. it helps create a particular mood in the room. However, if it’s bright enough it could also be referred to as task lighting – that’s because it allows you to carry out certain ‘tasks’ such as chopping vegetables, reading a recipe book, etc.

How to install under cabinet LED tape

The tape is available in a selection of lengths and here at Simple Lighting we’re happy to cut it to size for you prior to sending out. Alternatively it’s easy enough to cut yourself at home. It’s so flexible that the tape can go round corners and it only requires one socket to switch on.


The best colours to get for a kitchen are the white shades – either warm white or cool white (the latter suiting more modern minimalist kitchens better). Not only do these give a certain aesthetic, but they also blend in well with any colour scheme. Those who want to push the boat out or at least go for a look that’s a little different can choose from a whole spectrum of colours such as red, green, blue and yellow. It’s also a great way of introducing another colour into your kitchen design scheme (i.e. an accent colour) without having to resort to vases and other ornaments, which inevitably lead to clutter.

LED tape lights are also a great way of having a welcoming light in the kitchen at night without having to keep the main light switched on.

Find out more about all forms of under cabinet lighting, as well as LED tape across our website, where you can also see the variety of colours available. For more help or advice please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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