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Buying Your Dream Chandelier

What colour LED should I buy?

What Colour LED Should I Buy?

6th April 2018 Comments Off on What is a GU10 Bulb? Views: 1491 Simple Lighting Blog

What is a GU10 Bulb?

Have you ever wondered – what is a GU10 bulb? When lighting the home, being specific about your bulbs is important. First of all, you have to choose one that fit your fixtures. You also want to make sure that you’re choosing the appropriate kind of light for the environment. You don’t want a warm, intimate setting ruined by overly bright, white light. So, let’s take a closer look at the GU10 bulb, the most commonly used downlight bulb, and what sets it apart from its contemporaries.

GU10 Bulb Specifics GU10 Bulb Base Shape

GU10 bulbs are recognisable for their distinct shape, with a narrow shape that widens out with a flat or slightly curved surface on the end, where the light comes from. This is a common feature in spotlight bulbs. What sets these bulbs apart from other spotlight bulbs is how they fit into the fixture associated with them. With two short pins jutting out from the base, GU10 bulbs are a “push-and-twist” variety, as opposed to a “screw-in” bulb. There are a variety of different GU10 bulbs, but most of them are made out of plastic, too, as opposed to glass

The difference between halogen and LED

There are two widely known categories of GU10 bulbs: halogen and LED. At the moment, halogen GU10 bulbs aren’t widely available in the UK, having been banned by an EU directive. LED GU10 bulbs, however, have been released to replace them. While they may look identical to the casual observer, they offer a lot of differences. Halogen lights use halogen gas to turn on instantly, give off a warm light and are the most inexpensive kind of light. LED lights, on the other hand, are slightly pricier, but they are much more energy efficient, meaning that they cost less in the long-run due to your reduced energy bills. What’s more, halogen lights tend to burn out much more quickly than their new alternative, meaning they need to be replaced more often.

Where they are best used

As a spotlight-bulb, GU10 bulbs are best used wherever you need strong, directional light. In a lot of cases, they are used with adjustable fixtures in places like the kitchen, so you can move the light to focus it more directly on the workstation. They have become a common fixture in home offices, garage workshops, and any other space that you need focused light, too. However, some do use GU10 bulbs for recessed lighting, too, using multiple, static bulbs of directional light to create a room that is brighter across the board. There are a variety of different kinds of GU10 bulbs, offering different shades of light, so you can still use them to achieve a range of aesthetic effects for the environment you’re lighting up, too.

Remember, if you ever have any other questions about the differences between bulbs and where they should be used, our Knowledge Hub is full of tips, information, and hacks to help you make the best out of any space. If you need something more specific, the team at Simple Lighting is always happy to help, so feel free to get in touch.


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