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26th August 2014 Comments Off on Teacup Lampshade Tutorial Views: 1873 Simple Lighting Blog

Teacup Lampshade Tutorial

If you are a fan of Pinterest, you are likely to have stumbled across these cute teacup lampshades that are really on trend right now. Whether you want a unique lampshade for your kitchen, a cool lampshade for the study or run a vintage boutique that would match perfectly, here is a simple tutorial for you to make one yourself.

bakery teacup light


teacup pendant


What do you need:

  • Arrangement of bowls, tea cups, saucers and tea pots. This is completely dependent on your desired effect.
  • Electric drill with a ceramic drill-bit.
  • Quick dry Epoxy gel.
  • Lamp kit (You can buy these or use a cheap lamp and remove the lamp kit to reuse it.) or alternatively you can use a ceiling suspension fittings such as this for a pendant teacup light


pendant light fitting

Ceiling Suspension 3m – £10.06


If you choose to repaint the pots, you will also need

  • Primer spray paint
  • High gloss spray paint in your chosen colour.

How to make the lampshade:

  1. Decide how you will order the teacup and saucers to fit your lamp kit or fitting.
  2. Using the drill on slow speed, drill a hole in the centre of the base of each item. Make sure you add a little water while drilling to avoid the ceramic cracking. To drill an effective straight hole, start by drilling at an angle and rotate until you can drill straight through. Drill steadily and take your time. (If you are a novice with a drill, it may be worth practising on a spare piece of ceramic.)
  3. Also drill a hole in the base item for the cord to come out. It should look like this:
    base hole


  4. Stack your teacups and saucers in the correct order, ensuring that the holes match up in a straight line.
  5. Once you know that the pieces line up correctly, you can glue then together so that they are fixed solidly as a stack.
  6. Leave to completely dry!
  7. If you are painting the teacups to match your room colour theme, spray the stack with primer and allow to dry. Then spray thoroughly with your chosen colour paint. Ensure the stack is evenly covered for a professional finish. Leave to completely dry.
  8. Now insert the lamp kit through the base of the teacup stack. Thread the cord through the stack and attach the fixtures secure on top. Follow any instructions supplied with the light fixture and ensure that you attach the lamp kit whilst it is unplugged.
  9. Ensure all of the wires are securely fastened and the lamp kit or pedant fitting is aligned straight.
  10. Attach a light bulb to check that everything is working.
  11. If you are creating a lampshade style light, attach your chosen lampshade to finish this cute vintage teacup look.
teacup lampshade


Ta-Dah! That is everything you need to know to make a vintage inspired teacup light. The key to this project is to go steady so you don’t break the ceramics and a create a unique light that will be a talking point of your home. Which would you make?

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