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LEDs vs Incandescent Light Bulbs

LEDs vs. incandescent light bulbs

19th September 2014 Comments Off on Save energy, and money, with LED lighting Views: 1539 Simple Lighting Blog

Save energy, and money, with LED lighting

With bulbs costing up to £25, it’s easy to see why some people perceive LED lighting to be expensive. However, with the long-term energy and money-saving benefits that come with switching to LEDs, they couldn’t be further from the truth.

In this article, we take a look at how making the switch to LED light bulbs might finally make financial sense.

Why choose LEDs?

There are a whole range of benefits that come with switching to LED light bulbs, including:

Energy efficiency: LED bulbs use around 10 percent of the energy a traditional incandescent bulbs uses, and just 50 percent of that of a fluorescent bulb. Which adds up to huge savings on your energy bills.

Lifespan: LEDs have an incredibly long lifespan, in some cases up to 50,000 hours – up to 8-10 times longer than standard halogen lamps, significantly reducing the hassle, and cost, of maintenance.

Green credentials: Unlike CFL light bulbs, LEDs don’t contain mercury or any other toxic substances, so they can be disposed of safely.

Safety: Most LEDs operate at a low voltage, so they’re cool to the touch and much safer to handle during installation and maintenance. And with many waterproof versions available, they can also be exposed to rain and snow.

Cut bills, not brightness

In the past, one of the biggest criticisms of LED bulbs was the quality of light it produced. While early generations of LEDs were slightly cold in colour – more of a blue white than a warm white – newer models are more than able to match halogens for colour and brightness.

Take the 4W LED GU10 LED Lamp, for instance, which can produce an ultra bright light in either cool or warm white. And all for as little as £4.75.

Today, a dozen watts from one energy efficient LED bulb is equivalent to the same amount given out by a 60-watt incandescent bulb. And, whilst halogen bulbs also produce good brightness, they can take a while – sometimes minutes – to warm up, whereas LEDs give you bright light in an instant.

See the savings for yourself

Why not discover the benefits of LEDs for yourself? You’ll find a whole range of LED lighting technology at Simple Lighting, where our lighting experts are happy to give you any help and advice you need to start saving you energy, and money, today.

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