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How to repair Christmas lights

The age old question… How to repair Christmas Lights?

We’ve all been there. You spend hours putting up your Christmas tree, carefully decorating it exactly how you want it, and then when it comes to the big switch on… disaster. One of your Christmas lights has blown! If you’ve never sat and typed “How to repair Christmas Lights” into Google then you’re one of the lucky ones (or maybe you already own LED Christmas Lights?!)

However, before you go out and replace your frazzled lights with a brand new set, why not have a go at fixing the busted bulb yourself? In this handy guide, we’ll show you how to find and repair your faulty lights, saving you time and money in the process.


Step 1: Determine the type of fault

If your Christmas lights have lost their sparkle, there are two common faults that could be the cause of the problem:

  • Fuse fault  –

    Each string of Christmas lights have two small fuses, located at either side of the AC line. The fuses are designed to blow when too many strings of lights are connected together. So, if you have connected more than three strings together, the likelihood is that the fuse has blown and needs replacing.

  • String faults-

    This is where one of the bulbs in the sting of lights burns out. When one bulb fails it can cause the whole string to go dark. Many string lights have what’s called a ‘shunt’  – a device which allows electric current to pass around another point – which are designed to stop the entire string of lights from going out. However, shunts are not always very reliable.


Step 2: Find the burnt out bulb

If you’re lucky, finding the faulty light might be as easy as plugging in the lights and spotting which one has blown. However, in most cases, locating a burnt bulb is a much trickier issue.

Alternatively, there are special tools you can use to locate bust bulbs, such as the Light Keeper Pro, a clever device that sends a pulse through the light set to pinpoint the troublesome bulb and guide you directly to it.


Step 3: Mark the problem bulb

Once you’ve found the culprit, mark the burnt bulb with a sticker or elastic band so that you can easily find it again when you unplug the light set.


Step 4: Replacing the bulb

It’s always handy if you have a matching set of Christmas lights lying around so that you can pinch bulbs from this strand to use on your old set. However, if you don’t have a spare set of Christmas lights, you can always buy spare bulbs online. Just be sure to choose the right model for your lights.

Carefully remove the bulb from the socket, taking care not to break the socket while you do it. The plastic socket can be brittle, so exercise caution. place your replacement bulb carefully in the socket and attach it.


Step 5: Test lights to make sure they’re working  

Finish replacing the bulbs and test your work. Once you have all the lights replaced, plug the string back in to make sure you got them all. Your LED Christmas lights will now function perfectly once again & now you know how to Repair Christmas Lights!


Go for LED lights instead

If you want to avoid spending hours mending broken Christmas lights, then it’s a bright idea to use the LED variety instead. When they are properly taken care of, LED Christmas lights will last for years.
Because LED lights do not burn hot, they last an extremely long time, up to 10 times longer than traditional Christmas lights. Plus, LEDs don’t contain delicate filaments like incandescent lights, which means that they are much less likely to break.


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