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Bring light to your garden this autumn

Garden lights: Bringing life and light

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Kitchen lighting ideas to impress

Kitchen Lighting Ideas – because sometimes all we need is a little inspiration…

The all too short summer is behind us and the nights are drawing in. Gone are the long evenings sipping cider in a beer garden or enjoying a BBQ in the garden with friends. Instead of braving the rain and the cold on your way out this autumn and winter, why not update your kitchen lighting, and bring the party indoors? It’s time for the Kitchen Lighting Ideas!

Entertaining at home is the perfect solution to those dark nights, and what better place to do it than from the hub of your home.

Adding some fresh new kitchen lighting can transform the atmosphere of your home, making it the perfect place to stay cosy this season. Read on for some great kitchen ideas to impress your friends over the party season.

Kitchen Lighting

Dispel the darkness with LED kitchen lighting

You’d be surprised what small changes to your kitchen lighting can transform the space into the perfect place to entertain. You could start by simply upgrading your bulbs to LED.

Our LED bulbs come in all shapes and bases for any fitting in your home. When you choose LED you can benefit from a choice in colour temperature to set the tone of your room. While cool white bulbs can provide a bright modern light, we recommend warm white lamps to create a comforting glow that can banish the cold weather at the flick of a switch.

Now you’ve chosen your bulbs, its time to start thinking about upgrading the fixtures to get the most out of your lighting.

LED Spotlights

Kitchen Spotlights

Stunning spotlights perfect for kitchen illumination

If your traditional overhead kitchen lighting just isn’t doing it for your kitchen, you may want to think about choosing LED spotlights. If your kitchen is an awkward shape, with lots of recesses and dark corners, you might benefit from having the option of as many downlights as you want or need.

Our popular range of downlights are some of our best selling products, more people than ever are opting for the flawless even light provided by spotlights. Banish dark corners and gloomy recesses, with directional spotlights you can control how the light is positioned, maximising illumination.

With styles and finishes to suit any home, our wide range of downlights come in fixed and tilt styles so you can customise your lighting to suit you. Bespoke home interiors have never been easier.

LED Ceiling Lights

Kitchen Lighting Ideas - Large Ceiling Pendants

Beautiful pendant lights make wonderful focal points


If downlights aren’t for you, you should check out our collection of ceiling lighting. With a mix of classic and modern designs, in just about any colour and finish you can think of, making a feature out of your ceiling lights could be perfect for your kitchen.

Perfect for general ambient kitchen lighting, providing illumination that bounces off your walls and ceilings to light up every corner of the room.

General lighting is great for providing excellent visibility over an entire room, but for entertaining this season, we suggest focusing on accent and task lighting to create a changeable atmosphere in your kitchen. After all, would you want the same level of lighting for doing the dishes and hosting a dinner party?

LED under cabinet lighting

Task Lighting

Create different levels of light by combining general and task lighting

Creating a kitchen lighting plan means you should mix different forms of lighting to create different moods.

Under cabinet task lighting can illuminate surfaces so you can focus on the task at hand, whether that’s chopping veg for a mid week spag bol or lemons for a weekend g&t.

There are 2 styles of under cabinet lighting. Recessed lighting sits flush with the surface of your cabinets, for a chic modern feel. Surface mounted lights are more decorative, different styles, from sleek circles to chunky wedges, can really complement your other accent features, such as your ceiling lights or work surfaces.

This type of lighting has the added benefit of acting as a subtle accent light for entertaining.  We hope you’re enjoying our Kitchen Lighting Ideas – Pass the cocktail shaker!

Looking to create some decorative accent lighting, then look no further than LED tape.

LED tape

Warm White LED Tape  - Kitchen Lighting Ideas

Make an impression with LED tape


This little strip of ingenious technology can add a wondrous effect to your kitchen. It is stunning used as an alternative to traditional under cabinet lighting, and our profiles ensure that it looks flawless against your kitchen cabinets.

It can also be installed at ground level underneath your cabinets, this style of plinth lighting is becoming more and more popular as people seek lighting accent elements rather than relying on the harsh glow of overhead general light, making it perfect for parties.

How about creating something that will really make people talk and install RGB colour changing LED strips. Switch between different LED colours to create functional lighting by day and a party atmosphere by night. How about a passionate purple for a romantic meal with the other half, or flashing red for the festive parties to come?

As the weather grows colder, don’t hibernate all alone. Invite over some friends and enjoy a tasty home cooked meal and bottle of wine, in the comfort of your new cosy kitchen. We hope you have enjoyed our Kitchen Lighting Ideas, check back for Lighting Ideas for other rooms, or even share your own Kitchen Lighting Ideas with us…

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