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26th February 2015 Comments Off on The bug issue – do LED lights attract insects? Views: 1447 Simple Lighting Blog

The bug issue – do LED lights attract insects?

Did you know that by switching to LED lights you could get rid of insects buzzing around? It’s a well known fact that incandescent and CFL light bulbs attract bugs. The main reason for this is insects are attracted to the UV light emitted by incandescent and CFL light bulbs. In the summer months, this can be an issue with outdoor lighting at barbecues and parties when the last thing you want is a plague of insects ruining your event.

Electric insect zappers make use of this fact by emitting a very bright violet and UV light to attract insects.


Given it’s the UV and blue light emitted by incandescent light bulbs that attracts insects, a good quality, warm white LED bulb would be a perfect solution to this problem. Firstly LED bulbs emit very little UV light, which is the main element that causes the attraction for insects, and secondly a warm white LED bulb with a colour temperature of around 3000K produces no other kind of light that would attract insects. The end result of this is; alongside being a nice and relaxing form of light that’s perfect for an outdoor gathering, you can rest assured it won’t attract any unwanted visitors to the party.

We would also recommend putting a lid on the jam at your picnic, but that is completely unrelated to lighting!

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