Want to improve lighting in your home? Ask these 5 questions

Want To Improve Your Lighting? Ask These 5 Questions

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Bathroom lighting – how to get it right

Why is light important in a bathroom?

The bathroom is arguably the one room in the house we spend the most time in. It’s the first place we go in the morning, and the last place we visit at night.

Our bathroom is also a place we often go to escape after a long day, so it needs to have a relaxing atmosphere.

A well-lit bathroom is essential. If you install poorly placed or dim lighting, tasks like putting on your make-up or shaving become very difficult.

Lighting can give a relaxed atmosphere to the bathroom

Lighting can give a relaxed atmosphere to the bathroom

Bathroom lighting options

The main type of bathroom lighting you should consider is task lighting. This is the best lighting for things such as shaving and applying make-up as it provides focused light where you need it.

Installing bathroom mirror lights can not only add a touch of class to your bathroom, it will also make your daily tasks much easier. An illuminated mirror such as the Endon Elasa, is a great choice as it is both stylish and practical.

Next, you should think about accent lighting. If your bathroom has alcoves or has a one-of-a-kind layout, accent lighting can both accentuate or hide those features, depending on your personal preference. You could consider installing recessed directional spotlights, such as the SLV Downlight, in your alcoves to highlight the space.

Finally, you should take into account decorative lighting. This is where you can let your inner designer run free. If you’d like to add a vintage look to your bathroom, you could install triple spotlights with a mirror back plate on your bathroom ceiling. If you’re searching for a more modern feeling, you might want to install ceiling lights, which have a domed finish.

Ceiling lights can give a modern feel to a bathroom

Ceiling lights can give a modern feel to a bathroom

Top tips for bathroom lighting

For those looking to create a relaxed and spa-like atmosphere, dimmable or adjustable lighting is a great option. Allowing you to set the brightness of your bathroom lighting, dimmable spot lights are perfect for setting the mood after a long day.

To make your bathroom look as spacious as possible, install overhead lighting alongside your task lighting. Overhead lighting gives the impression of brightness, giving the impression of space you might not have.

If you’re set on a classic theme for your bathroom decoration, consider adding wall lighting, such as the Ice Chrome Wall Light, which is also dimmable. Adding two of these wall lights either side of your mirror will give your room a bright, yet warm feeling.

Bathroom LED lights are the most suitable as they’re minimal in appearance, but give a modern and clean look. Alongside this, LED lights are energy saving and give you more convenience as you don’t have to change the bulbs quite so often.

To enhance the relaxed feeling in your bathroom lighting, consider installing an overhead light with a coloured bulb in your shower, or coloured spotlights at both ends of your bath. Blue and purple coloured lights help add to that spa-like atmosphere.

Overhead lights and coloured bulbs give bathrooms a warm glow

Overhead lights and coloured bulbs give bathrooms a warm glow

So, those are just some of the bathroom lighting options you can consider when you’re upgrading your current lights. If you need any support when choosing the best design options for your bathroom lighting, contact a member of our expert team who will be able to give you all the advice you need.

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