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Add Splendour to Your Exteriors with Exterior Ceiling Lights

Ceiling lights can go a long way when it comes to lighting up your home’s exterior areas. Whether fitted in your porch above your front door or into the ceiling of a wooden gazebo on your lawn, they are not merely for illumination—they are important for safety as well, as they allow you to see clearly while outdoors. They also add an element of style to your outdoor areas, especially when you choose them in the right style, finish, and material to go with your exterior design. When choosing exterior ceiling lights, make sure that they will fulfill their purpose, such as for task or accent, or for both. Task lighting illuminates a particular part of the area or a path, while accent lights can draw attention to a particular space.

exterior ceiling lights

LED exterior ceiling lights are preferred due to their low energy consumption and longer life span. They can be fitted in various outdoor lighting fixtures for the ceiling, too, including those that are made of brass, cast aluminium, copper, or ceramic. Brass lighting fixtures are durable and can hold up in any environment. They may develop a patina over time, resulting in a darker colour over the years, but that adds to material’s timeless look and feel. Aluminium is typically affordable, but make sure it is finished with a weather-resistant coating to prolong its lifespan, and avoid using it near coastal areas unless it is specified for this use in the product description.

Exterior ceiling lights come in many different styles. Conventional lights are recessed or installed in a hollow opening in the ceiling. They are typically round or rectangular in shape. Some ceiling lights are adjustable and can be focused at a particular spot, such as entry points and areas where you are likely to do activities, like reading or having tea. There are surface mountable LED exterior ceiling lights, too, and they protrude from the ceiling for a modern effect.

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