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USB Sockets

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USB Sockets

Most of the mobile technology used today including mobiles, tablets, cameras and power banks require a cable and plug adapter to charge them. These adapters convert AC to DC. There are different USB wall sockets available that contain ports for charging of these devices. Instead of connecting the charging cable of the device into the adapter, it can be directly connected to these sockets.

Why use USB sockets?

Every person today has multiple mobile devices powered by battery and they need to charge them. For restaurant owner or cafés that entertain customers, their patrons could do with these charging ports. The stainless steel USB plug socket can be a great addition to hospitality industry, especially tourist resorts and hotels as well as in the waiting areas of establishments. Tourist no longer have to worry about carrying different adapters as per the voltage supply of the country. Traditionally, separate adapters or at least a converter was needed for countries having 110 volts and 220 volts main supply.

By making use of the USB plug sockets, the power plug sockets are rendered free for use by other devices eliminating the need of unplugging them unlike with adapters. Most modern building are fitted with these sockets as standard now along with other electrical fixtures while construction is undergoing.

There is no more need of lugging around multiple chargers for different devices as these USB plug sockets can charge them all. The adapters can be tucked away and only their data cables need to be used. Also in case an adapter fails, there is no need to buy a new one as these outlets will make do. From residential to commercial establishments, all can benefit from installation of these.

Choosing a USB Socket

There are a few things to consider while choosing these sockets.

Output Rating: The USB wall sockets come in two different ratings. The standard rated ones give an output of 1000ma at 5volts which is adequate for most of the devices. However, for devices that have a large battery or require more power, the 5volt 2100ma sockets are ideal choice.

Design: These sockets come in different finishes and designs. For a more modern finish, the stainless steel USB plug socket is right fit as it has sleek, glossy look and can go with most decors, that may either be sober or bold. Their finish also makes them easy to clean and maintain.

Standalone vs Integrated: The sockets may come as standalone that only have USB output ports, or these maybe combined with regular power socket fixtures that also include one or more power sockets along with the USB outlet. Instead of using separate USB and plug sockets, a combination of these makes more sense. Integrated USB wall sockets saves space as well as extra costs associated with installing individual fixtures.

Material Used: Like most other fixtures, these USB sockets are also available in different materials that include plastic and metals. As it can withstand abuse overtime with usage, the stainless steel USB plug socket is a great choice. It is also not prone to rusting and has along life eliminating the need for its replacement.

Number of Outlets: There may be different number of output ports available on distinct models of sockets. Some may have a sole outlet while others may include two or more ports. While choosing the USB plug sockets, the models that have the required number of ports may be considered.