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LED Tape - DMX Decoder - For Colour Changing LED


12V DC Voltage

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DMX Decoder - RGB LED Tape
Product Description

LED Tape - DMX Decoder - for Colour Changing LED

Part of our range of dedicated DMX drivers & decoders designed for use with our range of colour changing LED Tape (Strip).

The LED Tape, RGB DMX Decoder represents true innovation in LED technology. Designed to optimise the performance of LEDs, the driver incorporates a host of features including auto fade and static colour selection.

Full 0-100% dimming is achieved via an on-board DMX512 interface. Input & output power is via Molex connectors and DMX connection is via RJ45 sockets.

These Drivers and decoders will give optimum effect and output and can be used in many market applications. Give your installation a professional touch.

Multiple units may be connected together to run an unlimited amount of LED tape from one controller ie. The maximum capacity per unit is 144w, but two units may be connected together to run 288w, 3 units for 432w and so on. Each unit requires its own 12v power supply.

Please note, an RJ45 cable (CAT 5) is required to connect multiple units.


  • Input Voltage - 12v DC, using our range of LED Drivers
  • Output Voltage - 3 x 12v DC
  • Maximum Load - 144w
  • Data Connection - RJ45 Terminal Blocks
  • Construction - Painted Metal
  • Cooling – Convection
  • Dimensions - 187 x 42 x 22mm
  • Weight - 257 grams

If you require a full spec sheet please email support@simplelighting.co.uk and we will send you one. 

  • Width 42mm The width of the product. Normally measured in mm unless otherwise stated.
  • Voltage 12V DC The operating voltage of the product. 220-240v AC is UK mains voltage (What comes out of your plug sockets). So if the voltage shown is below 220v then you will more than likely need a transformer for the light to operate.
  • Length 187mm The physical length of the product
  • Height 22mm The overall height of the product at the tallest point.
  • Delivery Time Available Next Day if Ordered Before 3pm
  • Light Source LED The type of light, such as LED, CFL (Compact fluorescent), Halogen etc
  • Finish Black The overall visible finish of the product. Such as stainless steel, chrome, white etc.
  • Dimmable Yes Whether the brightness is dimmable or not. Some products are dimmable via specialist remote control systems we supply. Whereas some products are dimmable with mains voltage wall dimmer.
  • Lamp Base Integrated LED Indicates the size of the electrical connection at the bottom of the light source. Such as screw or bayonet etc. If you are confused with what you require please feel free to contact us for us.
  • Maximum Load 144w The maximum electrical load that the product is manufactured to accept. Normally measured in Watts or AMP. EG, if you have a product which is 150w and lights which are 50w each then 3 x 50w = 150w which is the maximum load.
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    Typical Uses

    Our DMX Decoders are typically used where large runs of RGB Colour Changing LED Tape are in operation and this amplification technology is fast becoming a fundamental feature in the functional management of our RGB LED Tape, promising a professional finish, flawless performance and consistently high output levels.

    You may find our DMX Decoders in the following places:


     - Large rooms within your home, including:
         - Living room
         - Dining room
         - Kitchen
         - Bathroom
         - Bedroom
         - Stairs
         - Hallways
     - Garden


     - Restaurants
     - Retail units / shops
     - Cinemas
     - Supermarkets
     - Leisure Centres
     - Hotels
     - Offices
     - Hospitals
     - Museums
     - Gyms
     - Bars / nightclubs

    If you are considering using our DMX Decoders and would like to discuss your plans with one of Technical Advisors, please email support@led-light-strip.co.uk or call 03334432463 and speak with one of the team.

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    Key Features

    Key Features of our DMX Decoder include:

     - Using our DMX Decoder(s) you are able to run unlimited amounts of RGB Colour Changing LED Tape
     - By using our DMX Decoder(s) you only require one Remote Controller to manage the functions of every strip of RGB LED Tape you are operating in unison
     - Having universal control over your entire run of RGB Colour Changing LED Tape gives a professional finish, consistent performance and flawless presentation
     - The DMX Decoder is discreet with it's sleek black design and can easily be hidden away from view

    If you would like to discuss these benefits or if you have any questions about our DMX Decoder please email support@led-light-strip.co.uk or call 03334432463 and speak with one of our team.



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    Technical Information

    The technical information for our DMX Decoder is detailed below:

     - Input voltage - 12v DC
     - Output voltage - 3 x 12v DC
     - 144 watt capacity:
         - 20 metre capacity using 30 RGB LED Tape
         - 10 metre capacity using 60 RGB LED Tape
     - Can be used alongside multiple DMX Decoders to run larger quantities of RGB LED Tape, i.e:
     - Each DMX Decoder will require it's own 12v power supply
     - Data connection - RJ45 Terminal Blocks
     - Black Painted Metal Construction
     - Length 187mm x width 42mm x depth 22mm
     - Weight - 257 grams
     - Convection cooling
     - Easy to wire, install and use
     - 0 - 100% fully dimmable capabilities

    If you require any further information relating to the technical specification of our DMX Decoder or if you simply have a question to ask please contact us at support@led-light-strip.co.uk or call 03334432463 and speak with one of our Technical Advisors.

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