LED Tape

Update the ambience of your home with some of Simple Lighting's LED tape lights. These are designed to add a stylish look to different areas of your residence whilst being easy to install. LED tape lights can often be minimalistic whilst remaining super high quality and impressive looking to boot.

LED Strip Lights (or LED ribbon lights, as some call them) are perfect for enhancing the cosiness and comfort of your living room with options such as warm white LED strip lights. You can alter the mood in your bedroom with colour-changing LED tape lights - or you can cleverly use them to highlight and accentuate certain features within your indoor lighting aesthetic.

For instance, you can install it under your kitchen cabinets for a clever yet simple way of achieving a sophisticated look.

We supply a host of lighting solutions relating to LED tape in a range of brightnesses, temperatures and colours too. They can even be suitable for your home or even work really well within commercial spaces.

Whether you are looking to create an eye-catching merchandising display in your shop or if you want to create the perfect atmosphere in your bar or restaurant with underbar lighting to draw the eye in and give a professional finish to your interior, LED tape lights are a fantastic choice.

At Simple Lighting, we also sell water-resistant IP65 LED tapes that boast remarkable light output. These can be used in bathrooms and outdoor areas - perfect for enhancing any outdoor space or adding a special something to balconies too.

Shop all of our LED tape lights below, and don't forget to browse our wide variety of essential LED products across our website.

What is LED Tape?

Relating to what LED tape is, it's a thin, flexible, low-profile and versatile strip of circuit board embedded with light-emitting diodes or LEDs. They usually come with adhesive backing, so they can easily and quickly be installed in your desired location.

Commonly used in accent, task, backlighting and for the use of decorative lighting. It makes for an attractive lighting solution for whatever you are using it for - you can attach it to walls, ceilings and under cupboards or counter space as well as other surface spaces.

You can cut LED tape lighting to suit your needs, no matter how long or short; it can be cut to order and be completely customisable for your needs.

The possibilities are endless when you decide to opt for this versatile lighting solution. They are incredibly versatile and can be used for a host of different locations. With most tape lights coming with self-adhesive tape on metre strips, they are super simple to install and put up - allowing you to enjoy the benefits of LED tape lights in no time.

Can LED Tape Be Cut?

In short, yes - LED tape lights can be cut. However, if you plan to trim it, you should only cut along the marked lines, which serve as cut points on the strip. This ensures the circuit is not disturbed and the LED lights will still work safely and efficiently.

LED strip lighting is made up of multiple circuits along the strip for the specific use of being able to trim them down to perfectly fit the space you want them to install them in.

Should you find the need to rejoin two pieces that have been cut, you can rejoin the pieces of the LED strip light by using a connector. You can also use a soldering iron and solder the parts together if you are comfortable with being a little handier.

Simple Lighting also has a free LED tape-cutting service for our customers that you are welcome to take advantage of. All you will need to do is tell us the exact length requirements too that you need, and we will do the rest, including soldering the wires together onto the front and ends of each strip.

We offer this service, so you don't end up purchasing more than you need, and nothing goes to waste. Your LED strips will also match up perfectly and sit in your desired space as they should.

Contact us today for more details on this.

How LED Tape Is Installed

Once your LED strip is cut to the appropriate length, you will need a LED driver or another suitable electrical source to power your new lights and a connector to link up the LED strip to the power supply. 

You should make sure the surface you plan your LED tape light to adhere to is clean and dry.

You can mark out where you want your LED strips to sit - you can do this with a pencil or chalk. Peel the adhesive backing off your LED tapes and press it onto the surface you intend your LEDs to stick to. Attach your power supply next and affix it to the wall or surface if you need to.

Why Choose LED Tape With Simple Lighting

There are countless reasons why you should choose LED tape lights with Simple Lighting. With our extensive range of LED strips on offer, we have every type of LED strip light you could ever need. From warm natural white LEDs to cool white light, dotted lights to no spotted tape LEDs.

LEDs, as a type of light, require little to no maintenance, they are long-lasting compared to other bulbs, and the aesthetics that LED tape lights can bring to a room or your home will not be beaten. They also are energy efficient and won't use a lot of energy to emit their bright lights, so looking the part does not have to come at a considerable cost.

Did you know that LED light bulbs last way longer than standard incandescent bulbs? This makes them by far the most economical lighting choice of all.

Using LED tapes around your home may save you more money than using other light sources or lamps, for example. LEDs can lower your energy bills, so choose Simple Lighting today and get your LEDs now. They can last 20-40 times longer than other lighting solutions.

Choose Simple Lighting, and our quality products can last you for many years to come. No one likes the upkeep of lighting maintenance or bulb replacement, so choose us today. To give you an idea, our quality LED lights can last you an average of 25,000 hours, saving you the hassle, whilst their energy-efficient nature of them will save you money too.

If you need more help or more information surrounding our LED tape lights, then please feel free to contact us today. Alternatively, please browse through our website for more of our quality LED products.

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How Long Do LED Strip Lights Last?

Compared to incandescent and fluorescent lights, LED strip lights can last longer. It has an average lifespan of around 50,000 hours! You can expect them to envelope your space with brilliance for about 17 years, long after their competitors have expired! 

To guarantee that your LED strips will maximise their lifespan, you need to keep them safe. Although its construction is sure to last for years, external factors may cut it in half if you are not careful! One way of safeguarding your lights is by putting them in an aluminium profile. Aside from protecting the LED strip against dust and dirt and curious fingers, it can help dissipate heat which can turn to potential harm if left unchecked.

An LED profile can also help you optimes the beam angle of your strip, enabling you to bring out the ideal placement for your application. In addition, if you choose a suitable diffuser, you can create a brilliant space that is not blinding but comfortable for the eye! 

What is the Difference Between a Single Colour Strip and an RGB Strip?

When looking for LED strips, you’ll come across various selections. Two of the most popular are single colour and RGB LED strips. How do the two differ?

Their name says it all! A single colour LED strip can only produce one colour, so it's suited for applications where you only need one shade. Aside from the colour wheel selection, you can also choose a single colour LED strip in different colour temperatures. If you want to use the strips for ambient lighting, get warm white. Alternatively, if it's for task lighting, you can get cool or natural white light!

On the other hand, an RGB LED strip can transition from one colour to another! You just need to get a controller that will enable you to do so then you can have fun exploring all the colours! An RGB strip light is perfect if you like to constantly switch things up and mix and match unique concepts.

While an LED RGB tape can produce an almost white colour in a specific setting, it's not as white as a solely dedicated white diode can deliver. If you want to have that luminance, choose a single-colour cool or natural white strip or get an RGBW LED strip. An RGBW tape is like an RGB strip but with an added white LED chip to produce that pure white hue!

Do LED Strip Lights Need LED Drivers?

Unless the LED strip light is designed to connect directly to the mains circuit, you’ll need an LED driver to supply power to your lights. When choosing the driver, you must pay close attention to its compatibility. Some of the factors that you need to consider are the input voltage of the strips and the maximum load the LED driver can carry.

Choosing the wrong LED driver can harm your lighting fixture and damage the other components used in your setup. So, read through all the product descriptions and learn the specifications of your lamps. 

To determine the LED drivers for your LED strip lights, you need to check whether it’s 12v DC or 24v DC. Look for a driver that matches that input voltage. After, you need to determine the quantity of the strip light you’re hooking to know the capacity of the LED driver you’ll need. To do this, just multiply the watts per metre of the strip by the length you’ll use. Then, you’ll round it off to the nearest available LED drivers. Round up, not down, because it’s better to have a higher driver capacity than a lower one. Once you get the driver, you can prepare the other tools you’ll need and start installing!

Which Colour LED Strips Should You Use for Mood Lighting?

When designing your ambient lights, you need to do it right. If you don’t, instead of an environment that makes you feel relaxed, you can end up with something uncomfortable and hard to settle in.

Typically, warm colours like orange and red create a lively and exciting atmosphere, whereas cool colours like blue and green produce a tranquil environment. If you want to have more variety with your lighting design, an RGB strip light is a better choice.

Depending on the room that you are lighting, the perfect LED colour may differ. In the bedroom,  blue or green colour LED strip lights are the most suitable. Colour psychology has presented that blue brings a relaxing response. You can incorporate it in your bedroom to relieve stress and anxiety before going to bed! Green is also a cool colour, and it represents nature, so it's also ideal for the bedroom. It can make you feel calm and reduce stress.

For some, using a lavender colour helps them create a moody and relaxing atmosphere. Well, it’s also a cool toned colour, so it has the same stress-reducing effect. 

In the bathroom, white light is always the best. Since you want the room to be well-lit to avoid accidents, it's better to use white light instead of coloured ones. You can use different colour temperatures to bring out different feelings. Cool white and natural white to make you feel refreshed, and warm white to make you feel comfortable!

When adding tape light to the living room, it’s ideal that you have more diversity. Anyways, some people use their living room as the main entertainment area; therefore, having more options can change the mood. You can add RGB or RGBw strip lights, as both can give you more colour options!

Which is Better 12v or 24v LED strip?

As mentioned earlier, an LED strip light has different voltages. By this time, you might be wondering which of the two is better. When it comes to brightness, efficiency, and life expectancy, the two don't differ. So, what makes them different from each other?

24v DC LED strip lights are recommended if it's your first time using this type of lighting. It has less distance between the cut line and a longer linear run. With this, you don't need to be too wary about technicalities, unlike when you're using a 12v DC strip. Also, a 24v DC LED strip suffers less voltage drop compared to a 12v DC strip.

If you look at it, a 12v DC strip is not that different from a 24v DC strip. It’s just a matter of preference and experience. If you’ve been using tape lighting for years, then any of the two is fine for you!

Is it Cheaper to Use LED Strips?

When you compare the energy consumption of LED strip lights, an incandescent bulb and a fluorescent lamp, you'll see that LED strip lights consume way less. LEDs are the most energy-efficient among the lighting fixtures available in the market. This includes everything powered with that technology: LED bulb, LED downlight, LED strip light, LED panels, LED flood light and more!

LED strip lights use up to 85% less than traditional incandescent bulbs and about 18% less than CFLs. At first, you may find this impressive. However, this is only the beginning! By nature, LEDs are designed to last longer than their competitors. Because of this, you can utilise it for years without needing any replacements! So, what does this mean? You’ll not only lessen your electrical cost, but you can also bring down your maintenance expenses!

Aside from that, LED products are better for the environment because it has reduced carbon emissions. If a fluorescent lamp converts 5 - 10% of electricity to light (around 95% waste), LEDs transform 95% of energy to luminance (only 5% waste). Because of the reduced energy consumption, energy demand goes down, which in turn lowers greenhouse gas emissions! With LEDs, it’s not just your wallets that will be saved, but you can also help protect the environment. So, opt for LEDs instead of other lighting solutions!

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