1m LED Profile, Black Slimline With Diffuser, With End Caps / Brackets

IP Rating
IP Rating
5 Years
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  • Stunning black design
  • On-trend and super modern design
  • Looks stunning even when the light is switched off
  • Includes End Caps, Brackets and Cover/Diffuser
  • LED lights are sold separately and not included with the profile.
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1m LED Profile, Black Slimline With Diffuser, With End Caps / Brackets
£10.33 £12.40 Was £13.99 Save £1.59
Black LED Profile - Beautiful Black Slimline LED Profile Black LED Profile - Beautiful Black Slimline LED Profile

Beautiful Black Slimline LED Profile

Naturally, if you spent time, money, and effort, installing and arranging your lighting design, you would want it to last for a long time. If you’re using LED tape in an easy-to-reach and noticeable space, you should consider doubling their protection against dust, dirt, and inquisitive fingers. So, how can you do this? 

The answer is simple, enclose your LED tape in an LED profile like this one! Our black slimline LED profile will not only protect your strip lights against external elements but also make them look more refined and finished. So, if you have an LED strip light installation that you want to protect, get this LED profile now!

Compatible with Our Non-Waterproof LED Strips

You can use this LED profile with our extensive range of non-waterproof LED strips. Yes, while it’s better if you can pair it with any of our strip lights, unfortunately, you can’t. Still, don’t worry because we have a wide selection, so you can find one that fits this profile but still get what you need! Just don’t forget to read through the product description to ensure that this LED profile and your preferred strip lights will work together.

If you’re considering adding strip lights in your bathroom or areas in your home where water is frequent, you’ll need an IP65 LED profile or an LED profile that can fit an IP65 LED strip light.

Black LED Profile - Compatible with Our Non-Waterproof LED Strips Black LED Profile - Compatible with Our Non-Waterproof LED Strips
Black LED Profile - The Dimensions Black LED Profile - The Dimensions

The Dimensions

Learning the installation procedure is necessary, but so is knowing the dimensions of the lighting fixture/accessory you are using. If you disregard this crucial information, chances are, you will end up buying too much than what you actually need and end up with extras that you do not know what to do or where to store. Worst case scenario, what if you have a tight construction budget and you end up short because of all the excess?

So, to accurately estimate the quantity of this LED profile that you must purchase, keep in mind that it is 8.8mm tall, 18mm wide and 1000mm long. Also, it has an internal width of 12.2mm.

Straightforward to Install

The installation of this LED profile is straightforward and fast. It comes with all the necessary end caps, brackets, and screws, so all you have to do is prepare the strip lights you'll use and all the tools you'll need! Also, don't forget to clean the surface where you intend to mount your profile to avoid delays when it's time for the installation.

If you've never installed a lighting fixture before and are still not confident, it's best to call for an electrician instead of pushing yourself. That way, you'll prevent yourself from getting into an accident, and you're assured that your strip lights and LED profile are installed correctly.

Black LED Profile - Straightforward to Install Black LED Profile - Straightforward to Install
Black LED Profile - IP20 Rated - Indoor Applications Black LED Profile - IP20 Rated - Indoor Applications

IP20 Rated - Indoor Applications

This LED profile is IP20 rated; therefore, it is suitable for indoor use only. You have to use it in areas away from splash zones because it cannot protect your LED tape against liquids. Nonetheless, you should not worry because there are still many places where you can integrate this LED profile!

You can use it in your living room, bedroom, kitchen (away from the sink), storage room, home office, hallway, dining room, and others! Outside residential homes, this LED profile is perfect in lobbies, cafes, waiting rooms, restaurants, retail stores, and more! With creativity and imagination, you’ll find more ways to use this LED profile and make the most out of it!

5 Year Warranty

This LED profile comes with a fuss-free and stress-free 5-year warranty! Shopping online has good and bad days, and without extra reassurance, it’s difficult to trust the product. That’s why with this extended guarantee, we hope that our confidence in this LED profile will be passed on to you and encourage you to purchase it and add it to your home!

If you have any questions or issues regarding this LED profile or any of the lighting solutions in our repertoire, feel free to drop us a call or send us an email. Our team is always ready to help you with your concerns and is eager to assist you in finding the best lighting products for your needs!

Black LED Profile - 5 Year Warranty Black LED Profile - 5 Year Warranty
More Information
Internal Width 12.2mm
IP Rating IP20
Height 8.8mm
Dimmable Dimmable
Length 1000mm
Width 18mm
Finish Black
Warranty 5 Years
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