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Why Should You Use LED Bulbs In Your Home?

LED bulbs offer an excellent way to reduce your energy bills, without compromising quality and style. This well-established technology offers very affordable fixtures and bulbs today. LED bulbs are environmentally-friendly with additional benefits incandescent, fluorescent and halogen cannot offer. Here are a few reasons why they’re the logical choice for your home.

Energy Saving

energy saving led

You’ve probably heard that LED bulbs save you money, but just how much could you potentially save? A study published in The Telegraph tallied energy consumption in a medium-size home with 10 – 60W incandescent light fixtures burning 10 hours a day. They then compared the cost to home powered by LED bulbs of equal brightness. Even after including the cost of replacement LED bulbs, first year savings were £149.90. That was several years ago and bulbs cost much less today. However, energy costs continue to rise.

The reason LED bulbs cost so much less is because they produce light easily. A 6W LED bulb produces as much light as a 60W incandescent. You use up to 75% less power and save money.

LED Bulbs are Safer

Traditional lighting produces light by heating a filament or gas until it glows. LED bulbs produce light digitally and generate little or no heat. They aren’t hot to the touch, so they’re suitable for tight spaces and a superior choice if you have children. They’re also moisture-resistant and ideal for bathrooms, kitchens and outdoors.

Longer Lasting

The UK government continues to phase out traditional bulbs as part of the drive to reduce energy consumption. By September 2016, they hope to eliminate high-efficiency halogen bulbs. This leaves two bulb choices – compact fluorescent lamps and LED.

As of March 2014, all LED bulbs sold in the U.K. must last at least 6,000 hours (18 months). However, many manufacturers sell bulbs rated for up to 50,000 hours of use. The average lifespan of a compact fluorescent is only up to 8,000 hours.

Superior Performance

The Carbon Trust endorses LED technology over compact fluorescent. They state “no other technology change offers the same level of power reduction, whilst maintaining or improving on operational performance”.

LED bulbs come on instantly. You do not have a delay or flicker as you sometimes see with fluorescent. They are also available in many shapes and sizes and you can choose the shade of light you want in your home.

LED replaces traditional bulbs easily because bayonet and screw-in styles fit existing fixtures. They also work well at low and high temperatures. Extreme temperatures affect the output and luminescence of compact fluorescent. It may also shorten the lamp and ballast lifespan.


LED is environmentally friendly

LED bulbs do not use toxic materials and they are 100% recyclable. They do not emit UV rays, and they produce highly-efficient illumination. You control the color, distribution and brightness and do not sacrifice style or ambiance.

You can view decorative lighting here for a taste of the possibilities. They are your obvious choice as the UK moves towards green energy practices.

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