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24th November 2014 Comments Off on The benefits of LED Christmas lights Views: 1732 Simple Lighting Blog

The benefits of LED Christmas lights

There was a time when all we had to light our Christmas trees were big, bulky incandescent light bulbs. Not only were these traditional bulbs scorching hot and a potential safety hazard, they were also easily broken and flaked with age.

However, today, there’s a cheaper, safer and much more versatile alternative – LEDs! Here are just a few reasons why you should be using LEDs to make your tree twinkle this Christmas.


Super safety

Traditional light bulbs expend around 95% of their energy in the form of heat, which means they were the primary cause of fires in the home at Christmas time. However, unlike incandescent bulbs, LEDs produce very little heat and are cool to the touch, with the average LED bulb operating at just 1 degree above ambient temperature. So there’s little risk of your Norwegian Spruce going up in flames.


Energy efficient

If you’re dreaming of a ‘green’ Christmas, LED lights are just the job. LED Christmas lights use up to 90% less electricity than conventional incandescent bulbs, which means that they’re more environmentally friendly and will help you save money on your energy bills, too.


LEDs last longer

You might be lucky to get a couple of Christmases out of traditional incandescent light bulbs. The main advantage of LED lights is that they use less power and do not become as hot as the incandescent lights. This means that they won’t burn out as easily, and tend to last much longer.


Seasonal savings

With all the extra electricity being used, Christmas can be an expensive time of year. Using LED Christmas lights can significantly reduce your festive bill.

According to the Guardian, a set of 200 incandescent Christmas lights, left on for 10 hours, will cost £2.40 a day, adding £75 to your monthly electricity bill. A set of 200 LEDs, on the other hand, cost just 20 pence a day – that’s just £6.20 on your monthly bill.


Merry and bright  

One of the biggest arguments against LEDs was their brightness. However, today’s LEDs Christmas lights are far brighter than lights of the past. Not only that, they also come in a whole host of colours, from warm whites to festive reds, not to mention fun festive shapes such as snowflakes to snowmen.


Ready for the elements

One of the great things about LED Christmas lights is that they work just as well outdoors as they do indoors. Unlike traditional incandescent bulbs, LEDs have a plastic casing which makes them more resistant to the cold and rain.

We hope that this guide has been helpful. If you need any advice on LED lights this Christmas, our experts are always happy to help. Whatever kind of Christmas lights you go for, always remember to choose a quality light that meets all the necessary safety standards.

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