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Five ways to refurbish your home using LED lighting

When it comes to refurbishing, renovating and upgrading your home, have you considered refurbishing with LED lighting? Many décor experts agree that lighting should be a key feature in any home decorating plan, for instance. To this end, it’s easy to give your home a new look and feel simply by installing some new LED lighting technology. And here are five ways to do that right here:

Start with a lighting plan

Every home and living space requires three basic lighting levels: ambient (or background lighting), accent lighting and task lighting. LED track lights or LED tape is excellent for non-direct ambient lighting, LED recessed lights make good accent lighting while LED spotlights or under cabinet lights are the perfect form of task lighting. 

Combining natural light with LED light

Have a careful look at your living space during the day. Where is natural lighting most prominent in your home?  Once you’ve discovered it, try mimicking the natural lighting with LED technology. Low key LED with a lighting temperature matching daylight, or a cool white LED light bulb, are both good replacements for natural daylight.

Light up dark corners

In our experience, many kitchens and bathrooms suffer from dark corners or poorly lit shelves and worktops. Both LED strip lighting and LED tape are great at highlighting work spaces, shelves, a mirror or even a bar counter. They add ambience, colour and illumination to any living space. Try it and see exactly what we mean!

Refurbishing with recessed lighting

The latest LED recessed lighting is popular in modern interior design. These fixtures are sleek, slim and easily integrated with most décor themes. Recessed lighting is actually one of the quickest ways to open and seemingly enlargen your interior space.

Nothing adds a bit of interior design drama like a pocket of light in the form of a cluster of down lighters above a dining table, or another prominent room feature you might have.

As you can see from the above, LED lighting can easily transform your living space from drab to fab. Get creative about what they can do to your home.

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