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6th February 2015 Comments Off on Lightbulb Moments Views: 1568 Simple Lighting Blog

Lightbulb Moments

People come up with bright ideas or ‘lightbulb moments’ every day. Some of those ideas even go on to become life-changing inventions. But how do you arrive at that ‘eureka!’ moment?

It’s a question we’ve often asked ourselves. So we spoke to a number of inventors – from the creator of the flying buggy to the brains behind Trongs, a new finger food utensil – and created our Lightbulb Moments guide.

In the guide you’ll find a whole range of clever and quirky inventions, as well as an interview with its inventor. In the interview we ask them to tell us all about their genius invention, and try to uncover what it was that sparked the ‘lightbulb moment’ that lead to them having a great idea in the first place.

Some of the inventions we look at include:

Trongs – A new utensil for ‘touch-tech’ living

RidersMate – A GPS tracking device for cyclists

Hush – Wireless earplugs that block out noise

CoffeeBar – A natural energy bar infused with coffee

To see the guide in full, click on the image below. We hope that you find it as interesting as we did. You never know, it may help you to have your very own ‘lightbulb moment’.

If you have a great invention that you’d like to share with us, please get in touch or let us know on Facebook or Twitter.

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