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Light up your life – automatically

What’s the benefits of cabinet sensor switches? Here at Simple Lighting, we stock two key cabinet sensor switches and our customers use them for a variety of applications.

You can control your lights automatically by either running your hand past a sensor mounted on the cabinet which will switch the lights on and off, or you can place the sensor inside the cabinet so that when the doors open and close, the lights will switch on or off.

The main reason for choosing cabinet sensor switches is of course light. In the bathroom, if you open up your cabinet you’ll want to see everything in there easily – particularly if you’re storing first aid supplies or prescription medication, so safety is a reason too.

The same applies to cabinets in other rooms of your house. Perhaps you have DVDs stored in your living room – if your cabinet lights up when you open it, choosing your evening’s entertainment is suddenly much easier while targeted lighting can also reduce the need for overly-bright overhead lighting.

In addition, cabinet sensor switches eliminate any need for pull cords (which can be difficult for the elderly to use) and they are simple to install and use. Our mains powered infra-red cabinet sensor, for instance, is activated by simply running your hand past the sensor and the lights will switch on and off. The sensor will detect your hand within 5cm. 

Our infra-red cabinet sensor switch is the perfect product to complement your cabinet lights. The sensor switch has two settings so when mounted on the inside of a cabinet will automatically switch the light on when the cabinet door is opened and similarly switch the lights off once the door is closed. If you choose to place it under your cabinet, it will automatically switch the lights on when you run your hand past the sensor and switch them back off when you run your hand past it again.

All cabinet sensor switches at Simple Lighting are manufactured to a high standard and available from our UK warehouse for next day delivery if ordered before 3pm. Why not take a look for yourself today?

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