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LED Kitchen Lighting Roundup

We have a wide variety of LED kitchen lighting variations to choose from. From IP65 rated LED tape to plinth lighting and overhead cornice lights, there’s a massive selection of styles and colours. We have an LED kitchen lighting solution to fit all budgets and tastes.

One of the most important aspects of lighting is placement. Gone are the days of hanging a pendant lamp or chandelier in the centre of the room and switching it on. The best way to think about it would be to think about which areas of the room do you want to highlight and which areas can be shaded. Ceiling or pendant lamps are good at lighting a whole room but most simply Illuminate the floor really well. By illuminating other, smaller areas of a room effectively, you can create a whole new lighting scheme for a different mood or occasion.

Right now we have some new, energy efficient kitchen lighting in our range we’re excited about that can help create a fantastic lighting scheme in your kitchen.

First up are the Surface Mounted and recessed under cabinet lights. Capture2Capture

As the titles suggest, these incredibly energy efficient under cabinet lights are available surface mounted or recessed, they’re also available in warm white or cool white light colour to suit your lighting requirements.

Each light uses 6 LEDs and thanks to a specially designed diffuser, it produces a 120° light beam with no dots which are common with LED lights. These lights use the latest Samsung design technology to provide a stunning, clean light with a lifespan of 30,000 hours using only 2.6 Watts of energy. The lamp is surrounded in a round casing with an elegant brushed steel finish.

If you’re fitting out a kitchen with these lights they are available in kits of 3 and 5, each kit comes with the appropriate LED driver.

If you’re looking for something more decorative, we also have on offer two more elaborate LED under cabinet lights. Like the above lights, these lamps feature the same central 6 LED Samsung technology lamp with the brushed steel finish and in a more eye catching wedge or triangle case. Like the above lamps each of these lamps is also available in a 3 and 5 pack with an appropriate driver and a discounted price.

capture3 Kitchen Lighting Roundup

plinthTo finish off this roundup we’ve got the square LED cabinet/plinth light. This lamp is also available in cool and warm white. It has and diffuser which allows the lamp to provide a clean, even 120° beam angled light with no dots. This light is ideal to illuminate the interior of a cabinet where the lighting isn’t great and for use as a plinth light. Used in series as a plinth light, this lamp will provide a subtle yet effective lighting scheme for your kitchen.

These are just a few examples of the LED Kitchen lighting solutions we have available for your kitchen. You can check out our entire range of kitchen lighting here to see what’s possible for your kitchen today.

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