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LED Downlights – The Benefits

LED downlights are the home and business owner’s choice for excellent reasons. This proven technology is now your first choice for lighting fixtures, especially for downlights. They allow you to live, work and play in well-lit spaces and they create ambience.

A downlight casts light downwards in a narrow beam. Traditional fixtures have a housing, bulb and diffuser. When you switch on the light, the bulb heats up and the diffuser disperses the light. They are usually round and set into the ceiling. Fortunately, LED bulbs replace this old-fashioned technology with something more practical and efficient.

LED Downlights Offer Superior Technology

Many existing downlights are halogen however they’ll soon be a thing of the past, because they aren’t energy efficient. A 50W halogen lamp converts 90% of the electricity you pay for into heat, not light. New standards demand general-purpose bulbs produce at least 45 lumens per watt, and halogens cannot match that level of performance.

Some downlights are compact fluorescent. While these are safer and more efficient, they still aren’t as good as LED downlights. The Carbon Trust named LED the number one choice for improving lighting energy performance.

Easier Installation

You can install LED downlights almost anywhere. They work well in living areas, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and outdoors. LED bulbs can as small as 2mm and their small fixtures fit into the tightest spaces. They also offer more options than traditional lighting, without increasing cost.

Improved Safety

Fire is a concern for any property owner. LED bulbs are cool and present less of a fire hazard. Installing downlights involves cutting a hole in the ceiling to accommodate the unit. Traditional fixtures can increase the risk of fire spreading, because they leave a gap between the fixture and ceiling where fire can travel.

Fire Rated LED downlight fixtures inhibit the spread of fire by blocking the space cut around the unit in the ceiling. An intumescent pad swells when temperatures rise, preventing the fire’s progress through the ceiling.

LED bulbs do not use mercury or other harmful gasses and they do not emit harmful UV rays or high levels of CO2. A 13w LED light emits 68% less CO2 than a 40w incandescent bulb.

Greater Longevity

No one enjoys climbing a ladder to change a bulb in the ceiling. LED bulbs last as long as 50,000 hours – at least 5 times longer than a compact fluorescent. As they age they dim, instead of burning out. The hours of use rating indicates the bulb must provide at least 70 percent as much brightness as when new throughout the time period indicated.

LED bulbs are also more physically robust. They’re made of silicone, not glass, gas, or filaments. They resist shock and vibration and are harder to break.

More Adaptable & Attractive

LED downlights in kitchen

LED downlights in kitchen

LED downlights are perfect when you need bright light, but they’re also perfect for ambient lighting. You can install them around the edge of a room or flood the room with light. Many allow dimmers so you can adjust the level of light to match activity in the room.

You can also choose a tone of white or colour for your bulbs, so they offer endless decorating potential. When you switch on your lights, they’re on – no buzzing, popping or flickering. Fixtures are clean, streamlined and easy to match to your décor.

You can view fire-rated LED downlights here. Professional advice is available should you have any questions.

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