Outdoor lighting can transform your home

Outdoor Lighting can transform your home

10 quick tips on LED

10 Quick Tips on LED

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LED Lighting vs CFL

LED Lighting vs CFL – Which is better?

So, in a direct comparison, LED lighting vs CFL, LED Lighting is the clear leader when you compare it to compact fluorescent. Of course, manufacturers that sell CFLs claim that their product is superior, but is it? Let’s take a look at both, so you can decide for yourself.


Once, LED bulbs did cost more, but that’s changed in the past decade. As more manufacturers produce them and more consumers buy them, the price of an LED bulb now rivals or surpasses a compact fluorescent. Most bulbs cost between £2 and £4. You can also buy very affordable LED flexible tape by the length. LED Lighting vs CFL – LED Wins (mostly).

LED Lighting vs CFL

Energy Efficiency

Sorry, LED wins here too. A compact fluorescent bulb of about 15 watts produces the same amount of light as an 8 watt LED bulb. That means the LED bulb uses almost half the power. The Carbon Trust endorses LED technology as the superior choice for power reduction, whilst maintaining or improving operational performance.


LED bulbs outlast CFLs by at least three times and often up to five times longer. Industry standards demand LED bulbs last at least 20,000 hours while ratings for CFLs are 8,000 hours.

Light on Demand

In areas that demand immediate light as soon as you flip the switch, compact fluorescent is not a wise choice. They take a moment to reach full brightness and can flicker or buzz. On the other hand, LEDs light as soon as you flip the switch and they are not affected by continual switching either. Sometimes CFLs pop after a power surge.


If you’ve ever accidentally touched a compact fluorescent, you know they get hot. This is because electricity passes through gas, which emits heat and light. Light emitting diodes emit light, but little heat because they are actually miniature semiconductors. Electrons travel from a negatively charged material to a material with a positive charge, which creates light. LED lighting is suitable for small spaces, the bulbs are far smaller than CFLs and fixtures do not require extensive ventilation.

LED Lighting Allows Dimmers

You cannot use the majority of CFLs with a dimmer. However, you can use a dimmer with some LED bulbs. This is a huge advantage in areas such as over a dining table, on a patio, or in a multi-use area such as the living room. If you want to dim the lights to watch a movie, but turn them up while you’re cleaning, you can do so with most LEDs, but not most CFLs.


Compact fluorescent relies on gas to produce light. This gas is sensitive to cold and the bulb that holds it can break easily. LED lighting is not sensitive to cold and the solid silicone bulbs do not break easily.


Comparison shows that LED lighting is the wise choice for your home. It’s hard to beat their value and convenience and the technology can only get less expensive. They have soft and warm hues reminiscent of incandescent bulbs, but without the strain on your pocket. They’re more durable, save more energy, and they last longer, so you’ll scale the ladder less and buys fewer bulbs. You can also buy LED bulbs to fit most existing fixtures.

You’ll find LED bulbs and fixtures for all your lighting needs. You can view LED products here. Speak with a representative should you have any concerns and rest assured you’ll receive only quality LED products.

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