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How to choose RGB LED Tape?

RGB LED Tapes offer versatile solutions for lighting, creating visual splendour through light and shade. The biggest advantage of RGB LED Tape (also called Colour Changing LED Tape) is the option of easy installation in virtually any location. For instance, poolside lighting, garden illumination or any indoor lighting is possible with RGB LED Tapes.  The following information will help you to choose the right RGB LED Tape to meet your specific requirements.

Waterproofing requirements.

If the installation is required in locations where steam occurs or the possibility of splashes, like a bathroom, or heavy water flow like a poolside, or garden fountains, it is necessary to look for waterproofing options. Choose LED Tapes that are waterproofed. This will ensure that the fittings emit light always without the fear of any incidents or electric shocks.

Bending angles.

When installing RGB LED Tape you need to fully understand the bending angle that you will be working with. Though LED Tape is pliant and can be bent to fit into most contours or surfaces there are some instances when you cannot bend it in the way that you need to, in this instance we will install a small wire for you in the exact part of your LED Tape where you need it to bend, for free, as part of our BESPOKE LED Tape service.

EXAMPLE, LED Tape can bend like a metal tape measure, if in doubt try to make the bend with your tape measure and if you can’t make the bend without overlapping your tape measure, you’ll probably need joining wire.

CAN BEND – if you installed LED Tape on a wall horizontally, facing outwards and got to a corner, it would bend around.

CAN’T BEND – if you installed LED Tape around the edge of a ceiling, facing downwards and came to a corner, it would not bend this way and would need joining wire. 

If you have any questions or need some advice then feel free to call our Expert Customer Service Team on 0151 375 9210 or 0333 443 2465, they are on hand Monday to Friday 8am – 5pm and can happily answer any question you may have.

Aluminium Profiles for easy maintenance.

Consider installing RGB LED Tape in kitchens and garages inside of an Aluminium Profile. This will ensure that maintenance is easy. Kitchens and garages are prone to the release of dust and smoke. Maintenance of LED Lights in such atmosphere would be a lot easier with the LED tape safely encased in an Aluminium Profile. All that is required is a little bit of dusting to take care of the lights and to keep them glowing for years to come.

RGB LED Tape Lights are versatile, offering options of multicolour lights in various combinations.  Fascinating combinations of lighting can spruce up the interiors or exteriors of any space.  The pliant nature of the Tape makes it suitable for use even in the most difficult of areas. For instance, the tape can be looped through circular or arched doorways for a wonderful soft lighting effect. All that is necessary is to choose the right LED Tape to meet your specific requirements.

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