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Entertainment Light Tracks

When Henry Ford launched the Model-T Ford he famously remarked in his 1922 autobiography that “any customer can have a car painted in any colour he wants, so long as it’s black”. Currently we provide RGB colour changing LED strips and bulbs that can shine in any colour except black.

As a lighting company we supply a wide variety of lighting solutions. From your standard ceiling lamp to extravagant RGB colour changing LED TV kits, we work hard to provide the highest quality lighting solutions for our customers requirements. However, looking at what’s currently being developed, 1-2 years from now those requirements are going to be very different from what they are today. With the advent of RGB colour changing LED’s, the possible applications of colour changing lighting systems in the home became limited only by the users imagination.


To give an idea of how exciting the potential applications of LED lighting is, take a look at the predecessor. Traditional incandescent lightbulbs were patented in 1880 and have been the standard home lighting solution for over 100 years. There hasn’t been much innovation with that technology; bulbs made with different coloured glass and dimmer switches are nearly the extent of innovation with incandescent bulbs.

LED light was invented in 1962. Over the last 7 years LED lights have started to become a viable alternative to incandescent or CFL lighting. Over the last few years, we’ve seen some extraordinary technology developments using LED lighting. For example wireless lighting systems that connect up to your smart phone offering different moods like switching to a cool white light when you want to focus on something or a warm white light when you want to relax.

One exceptionally exciting system currently being rolled out is specially designated “Entertainment Light Tracks” for TV shows and movies. This is a brand new entertainment concept that works by syncing up your wireless colour changing lighting system with your entertainment system to provide a lighting track to match the mood of the scene of the TV show or movie you’re watching. Currently it’s available on the new SyFy show 12 Monkeys and will be rolled out on another SyFy show “The Expanse” later this year.  Some users of the system have put a few images online.




The technology is now available to create an ambient light track to compliment a sound track to movies and tv shows. This is still an emerging technology but over the next few years, as people begin to make the change over to LED lighting, this will become a common addition to modern entertainment as widescreen TV was, where people will forget what watching TV was like without it.

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