April Fools Round Up

April Fools Round-up


LED Light Received Nobel Prize

2nd April 2015 Comments Off on Disco Dog Views: 1337 Just for Fun Lighting Ideas, Simple Lighting Blog

Disco Dog

It goes without saying that we love lights. Especially LED lights. One thing we don’t go on about a lot is our love of dogs. Now, combining the two passions of canine companions and high tech LED lighting has become the focus of US based design agency Party. They’ve created Disco Dog and it is glorious.

Disco dog is a decorative coat covered in 256 colour changing LED’s that that illuminates your canine pal. The coat displays a variety of animated patterns you can choose with your smartphone. It can scroll text across its length programmable using the Disco Dog app. It’d make a very novel way for a dog lover to propose to his girlfriend or sell advertising space. (Seriously, we’re hoping we see at least one novelty proposal video using this dog coat next year.)

Once nice addition is if the dog strays too far from you (and if you don’t want to shout) it automatically displays “Lost Dog” on the coat.


Clearly this concept was designed to go viral on-line, and at the time of writing its Kickstarter page has exceeded its $15,000 goal by over $900 with 18 days left. Party will be rolling out Disco Dog LED coats by Christmas and we no doubt can expect a variety of novelty videos (hopefully including at least one marriage proposal, don’t let us down internet) using the Disco Dog coat next year.


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