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Create your own carpet lighting



Lighting industry giant Philips recently talked about their latest plans to develop light transmissive carpets. What do they mean by that? Well, think carpet with LED lights  lightly woven into the fabric.

Philips have joined forces with carpet flooring company Desso to develop this new exciting project. But just because the product is not yet on the market does not mean you cannot create something similar for self – in a DIY sense! Here at Simple Lighting we’ve all the basic tools to do just that.

Signage & direction

Philips designed the carpets in the first place for use in commercial ventures i.e.  their  for signage, company logos or direction. They were envisaging its use in airports, public buildings or even private companies. But imagine how impressed the kids will be with an LED message flickering on and off the floor at their next birthday party.

LED Tape’s properties

You can create a similar effect using our LED coloured tape. This continuous strip of light is extremely thin (its thickness is less than 3mm) and its extremely flexible. Unlike old-school lighting, LED doesn’t heat up, which means its perfectly safe for using in this sense.

Incredibly bright & colourful

These incredibly bright LED tape options will be quite successful in your LED carpet project – no one will miss the carpet light message. Added to this, you have an option to choose between colour changing, green, red or blue LED tape to match your party theme!

All our LED Tape comes standard with a self-adhesive back strip for easy application. However, depending on your carpet or flooring surface, it might prove necessary to use some extra means of keeping your LED Tape carpet creation neatly in tact. To this end and, in order to prevent any carpet or flooring damage, we’d recommend supplementing the self-adhesive strip with temporary adhesive tape.

Whether you’re planning a party or year-end celebration, add some quirky LED message to your carpet or flooring to keep your guests amused. Party on!

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