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April Fools Round-up

It’s that time of year so we decided to do a quick round-up of some of our favourite April Fools gags.

Given we’re big fans of Domino’s pizza delivery, we were keen to learn more about their announcement of the worlds first driverless pizza delivery vehicle announced this morning. Wonder if you still have to tip him….



Meanwhile SunLife has announced it’s launch of a revolutionary new Beard Insurance policy. Designed to cater to the growing number of bearded men in the UK keen to protect their facial hair and personal identity. Policies start from just £3 a month so if you accidentally trim it too short, have it stolen or it catches fire, you’re covered.



Miz Mooz has gone to a lot of effort with this video advertising the Selfie Shoe as a step up from the Selfie stick. At the time of writing it’s still being advertised as a serious product with an iPod dock in the toe of the shoe to help the more flexible user get a better selfie.


The science boffins at CERN have proved the existence of The Force. The quote “Very impressive, this result is” from an insider there was all they released to the press.



LED Light manufacturer Brightgreen announced  the launch of its custom-designed LED Tru-Colour hats. Brightgreen decided to branch out from the home lighting its known for, due to the “incredible demand” for an appearance-enhancing product they can wear.

A spokesperson for Brightgreen said: “Available in a range of styles and sizes to suit any occasion, each hat features an arrangement of the world’s smallest Tru-Colour LEDs pointed directly onto the wearer’s face – allowing them to be seen in the best light all of the time!”


In a surprising anti-April Fool gag, a BMW dealership in New Zealand gave away a BMW 1-series. Having placed a too good to be true “April Fools Special” ad on the front page of yesterdays paper offering a free BMW trade in for the first person to claim it, the dealership hired security guards in case riots broke out. Tianna Marsh showed up in a 15 year old Nissan and claimed the trade in for a free $50,000 BMW 1-Series.



Are there any good ones that we missed? Let us know in the comments.



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