Under Cabinet Lighting & Under Cupboard Lights For Your Kitchen

Under cabinet lighting is perfect if you want to add style, warmth and practicality to your kitchen space. Whether it's a strip light or regular LED under cabinet lights you’re looking to integrate into your home, Simple Lighting has it all.

With a wide range of under cabinet lights to choose from in our collection, it'll be more effortless than ever to find the right lighting solution for your home. At Simple Lighting, we have different variants of LED under cabinet lights to make sure there's something to suit all of our customers.

With a wide range of selections to choose from, we hope that you're able to find the ideal lighting source for underneath your cabinets. By having under cabinet lights in your home, you'll be able to see worktop space more efficiently - having worktop illumination allows you to prepare food, see clearly and maintain safety in the kitchen. Still, it has different benefits depending on where you place them.

If you’re interested in LED under cabinet lights, look no further than Simple Lighting. To find out information about our recent collection and see our models for yourself, look below to see our product range.

What is Under Cabinet Lighting?

So, what is under cabinet lighting? Under cabinet lights are typically installed under a cabinet, helping to illuminate the surrounding space and area below. Most commonly used in kitchens, cabinet lights can also be found in other areas that require additional lighting.

When you compare LED under-cabinet fittings to other light fixtures such as lamps, wall lights or recessed ceiling spotlights, an LED cabinet light illuminates one area specifically. The reason that under-cabinet light is used in kitchens is because of the added visibility they bring - LED cabinet lights are a popular product within our indoor lighting range, and we can see why.

Doubling as a night light, LED under-cabinet light provides extra visibility in the dark and looks incredibly smart among an array of home interiors. An LED strip is the most popular style of under cabinet lights, but we have lights including many other features in our collection.

Choosing the Right LED Cabinet Fixtures

Making sure that you choose the proper LED under-cabinet light is essential. It can be challenging trying to decide what type of fixtures to go for in your home. We understand you only want the best in your property. If you need to know the main factors to consider before purchasing your LED under cabinet lights, read on.

IP Rating - Choosing the correct IP rating is critical, mainly for safety reasons. If your lights are being placed near water or prone to dust, it's crucial that you get an LED bulb with a suitable rating. There are no set regulations for kitchen lighting, but we always advise our customers to be as safe as possible.

Colour - Whether it's warm white, natural white or cool white that you prefer, we have a range of colour variants to suit all. We understand that people like to show their personalities through their lighting, which is why we also have colour-changing LED under cabinet lights available within our collection.

Recessed or Surface Mounted - Do you want your under cabinet lights to be flat or surface mounted? Both recessed and surface mounted are popular among our customers, with the choice coming down to preference. If you’re unsure whether to use the mounting method or not, feel free to ask a member of our team.

LED Drivers and Voltage - Making sure that you have a reliable power source to keep your fixtures running is essential. The easiest way to check the voltage and output of your lights is by looking at the product information sheet.

Additional Features - Regardless of the type of under-cabinet light you decide to go for, they can be controlled in a variety of ways. At Simple Lighting, we stock motion sensors and dimmer switches, meaning it's easier than ever to stay in control of the lights in your home.

Is Under Cabinet Light Easy to Install?

Under cabinet lights are the easiest to install mid-way through kitchen renovations - this is because the cabinets are bare, and holes can be cut more simply. Don't be alarmed if your kitchen is already complete. It's still possible to integrate new fittings without any significant disruptions.

Although we recommend having a professional electrician install your new lighting, the process of adding fixtures underneath your cabinets is pretty straightforward. The first initial step to take is to connect the wires of your light to a switch box, outlet box and junction box.

Once your wires are connected, double-check that your power is turned off. If your fixture requires a plug socket, then simply screw one close by - it’s as simple as that. It can always be dangerous not knowing what you’re doing, especially when it comes to electronics, so be sure to do your research before installation.

Once your lights are ready to go, enjoy the many benefits that come with them. Our under-cabinet light is manufactured at the highest quality and is run with LED bulbs. LED bulbs are eco-friendly, contributing to fewer landfills compared to incandescent lighting solutions.

Not only are LED light bulbs the most eco-conscious style of a bulb to go for, but they also have an extensive life period that lasts up to 14 years. Therefore, you will not need to change the battery-powered systems for a sustained period of time - giving you the freedom to enjoy the other wonders of life - stress-free.

Under Cabinet Lights at Simple Lighting

At Simple Lighting, we take pride in providing some of the best lighting solutions in the industry. Under cupboard lights open up your space whilst adding additional brightness (especially if you choose a cool white or natural white LED colour). What's not to love? With an excellent product rating, our flexible LED strip lights take the lead when it comes to illuminating your under-cabinet area.

With five-star reviews, it's clear to see why our customers continue returning for more of our products. Our LED solutions are safe to use and integrate within your home. They don't reach a high temperature and aren't prone to overheating - this makes them the perfect fitting to have in your living space.

We aim for a quick delivery time to make sure our customers get their LED under cupboard lights as fast as possible after making an order with us - our standard delivery is two to five working days, with next-day delivery available too.

Add our products to your basket today. We look forward to supplying you with top-quality lights - if you require any more information, contact us at 0333 443 2465.

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What Type of Fixture Are The Best Under Cupboard Lights?

LED products are the ideal lights to install under your cabinets. They are energy-efficient, long-lasting and emit minimal heat, making them suitable for closets and kitchen cupboards. However, there are various kinds of LED fittings that you can install under your cabinetry! Here are some of the most commonly used:

Puck Lights – You can install them under your cabinet or shelves for accent lighting. It comes in many styles, so you will be able to find one that suits your taste. In addition, you can mount it towards the backsplash for boosted ambience or position them downwards for bright task lighting.

Tape Lights – This is a ribbon-like circuit board with embedded LED chips on one side and an adhesive backing on the other. Because of its peel-and-stick design, you won't have trouble attaching them under your cabinets. Aside from that, you can cut tape lights to your preferred length and pair them with a dimmer switch to change their intensity. Though a single, continuous strip light is easy to install, linking two strips together may be a bit complex, especially if you're not knowledgeable about wiring. So, if you're not used to this, it'll be better to hire an electrician.

Bar Lights – If LED tape lights are ribbon-like, bar lights are straight bars of lightning that you can easily affix under your cabinet. It comes in different lengths and is easy to connect, making it a perfect match for irregular-shaped cabinets. Also, it does not produce excessive heat, so it's safe for under cupboard lighting.

What Is the Best Way to Light Under Kitchen Cabinets?

When adding kitchen under cabinet lighting, there are many considerations that you need to think about. With all the available selections, it's easy to get lost, and sometimes because you're feeling overwhelmed, you end up selecting whatever is the first thing that you get your hands on. 

Researching is the key to rationalising your decision and getting the best for your space. So, what is the best way to light your cabinets? 

If LED lights are perfect for under cabinet applications, the most convenient to install are strip lights. Since it’s peel-and-stick and can be plug-and-play, you won’t have any issues when mounting strip lights. Once you’re past the wiring stage, everything will be smooth sailing! 

Soldering strip lights are the best way to create long-lasting connections. However, using solderless connectors to link LED strip lights and power supply is quicker and less hassle. 

Say you need different lengths of LED tape lights. You can trim it to your desired size using sharp scissors but guarantee that you snip within the cutting lines. 

What Is the Easiest To Install Under Cabinet Kitchen Lighting?

As mentioned earlier, LED strip lights are the easiest to install. However, that does not mean that other types of LED under cabinet lights aren’t. It's just that LED strips come with an adhesive backing, lessening the steps to do. Although, if you want to make your strip lights look more finished, you should consider adding an aluminium profile. It's a housing that encloses the strip lights, protecting them from dust, dirt, and other external elements.

How about battery-operated puck lights? Are they not easier to mount that LED strips? Well, technically, yes, they're quicker and more convenient to install. But when it comes to maintenance, it's not very pleasant. Since it relies on batteries that run out often (sometimes it is quicker if the battery you're using is not good quality), it can be troublesome to handle, especially in the cooking area, where you need to use them a lot.

Are LED Strip Lights Good for Under Kitchen Cabinets?

Using an LED strip under your kitchen cabinet is an excellent choice. Because of its flexibility and effortless installation, many are drawn to this type of fixture over other alternatives. There are various LED strips which you don't even need to cut when you put them in the corners! If this is your first time adding under-cabinet lights, and your installation is not complicated (just a straight line), it's best to use an LED strip light. Just know that LED tape lights are low voltage, so you will need an LED driver to make them work.

What if you want a more decorative LED under-cabinet light with white or chrome finishes? Well, if you don't mind exerting a bit more effort and have the tools and experience, you should get surface-mounted or recessed under cupboard lights! They come in various shapes, sizes, colour temperatures, and finishes, allowing you to explore multiple design ideas. It's perfect if you’re styling your space in a particular way and need extra details to complete the ensemble!

What is the Most Ideal Colour Temperature for LED Under-Cabinet Lighting?

What is the purpose of your LED under cabinet light? Will you use it for task lighting when cooking and preparing meals, or is it for ambient lighting? Most of the time, LED under cabinet kitchen lights are used for task lighting. For this intent, get cool white or natural white light. Both colour temperatures can provide the brilliance you need while you chop and slice. The only distinction is cool white is a bit bluish, while natural white has no shades of blue or yellow.

On the other hand, if you’re using your island for cooking instead of the counters, you can add warm white light to improve the ambience of the room. Since the kitchen is a diverse space, you can set it up to entertain guests and chill out (warm white has a yellowish tint, so it creates are cosy vibe).

If you can't decide whether to get cool, natural or warm white light, try an under cabinet kitchen lighting that is colour temperature adjustable. This way, you'll have more options, and it'll make your space more functional, especially if you have an open kitchen with an adjacent dining room. For product ideas, you can either look for CCT strip lights or TrioTone under cupoard lights.

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