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Commercial LED Lamps

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Simple Lighting stock a range of high quality CE-certified LED lamps that are specifically designed for commercial use.

Whether you need factory lights, warehouse lights, maintenance lights or any other commercial or business lighting, we're sure to have the leading products at unbeatable prices.

These ultra-bright energy efficient LED lamps are a perfect solution to your business's lighting requirements.

Fitting LED lamps into your place of business will undoubtedly help to reduce your companies carbon footprint and save you money, but did you know that exposure to LED light will help your staff to feel more alert?

Light plays a crucial role in helping the body function normally and produce the right amount of the essential hormone melatonin.

Installing our commercial LED lamps can and will help your office to eliminate the afternoon slump that usually occurs after lunch, helping your staff to feel happier and ultimately be more productive during their work day.

Our commercial LED lamps are up to 90% more energy-efficient than traditional light bulbs, last 50 times longer and burn brighter so you can replace your offices lighting installation without ever having to compromise on lighting quality.

Commercial LED Lamps