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Given that electricity is one of the largest expenditures for business property owners, choosing commercial lighting is a great way for reducing your bills. Businesses require energy-efficient lighting solutions that are also reliable - allowing employees to conduct their work comfortably and safely.

At Simple Lighting, we offer a wide range of commercial lighting that does just that. With our wide range of industrial lighting and team of experts, we can help you choose the ideal lighting for your business that boasts the perfect amount of power and coverage that you need. From LED panel lights, batten lights, and site lights for construction work.


What Is Commercial Lighting?

Commercial lights refer to the lighting used in spaces such as offices, retail premises and factory floors. In commercial areas, it’s essential to have the right light fixtures to provide optimum task lighting and a comfortable environment for employees at work.


What Is The Difference Between Commercial And Domestic Lighting?

In some ways, domestic and commercial lighting isn’t much different. The purpose of domestic lights is that they are implemented for everyday home use. This equates to comfort, style security, and some simple task lighting - all of which can easily be fulfilled with standard lights. It is worth noting that domestic lights are fairly easy to install and maintain - even if you aren’t knowledgeable about lighting.

Although, on the other hand - commercial lighting has features and benefits that make it more beneficial for a variety of workplaces. For example, site lights provide a powerful beam, which is wide-reaching enough to illuminate construction sites and similar places at night. While this kind of light would be much too powerful to use within a residential home or garden - hence is ideal for use within a commercial space.

In addition, when it comes to lighting commercial offices, LED panel lights can be placed throughout a floor to provide lighting for a prolonged period throughout a working week. However, in a small space like a kitchen, panel lighting might be unnecessary as the space can be sufficiently well-lit with a single pendant light.


How To Choose The Best Commercial Lighting?

When it comes to commercial lights, LED lighting is by far the most stable, cost-effective and reliable way of illuminating your commercial space. Not only that, Not only this, but the longevity of LEDs is staggering impressive in comparison to other bulbs on the market whilst also saving you money on replacements as well as your energy bills.


Best Commercial Lighting For Different Environments

At Simple Lighting, we stock a wide range of commercial lighting options for you to choose from. Whether you are after lighting solutions for your office, industrial or even task lighting - we have a plethora of options to choose from. Regardless of the environment, you need lighting for, we have options available that will illuminate your space most optimally.


Office Lighting

In regards to choosing the ideal lighting for your office, you will need to find lighting options which are gentle on your eyes - particularly if your staff work with computers. Lights that are too bright or direct can lead to headaches, eye strain and an uncomfortable working environment. LED panel lights provide a diffused, gentle light and can be placed strategically to cover even a very large office space. LED batten lights are also a popular choice for offers, providing great coverage - reliable task lighting and energy-efficient to protect your bottom line.


Retail Lighting

Showcase your products in the best possible light with our retail lighting range. With optimal commercial lighting, you can ensure that your store feels welcoming and is easy for customers to navigate. You can highlight specific areas and items to draw customer focus and mark high-traffic areas such as checkout or the store entrance.

As mentioned above, LED Panel Lights are a strong choice, or even high-bay LED lights can be fixed to the ceiling. They can also be hung loosely to light up key areas in your retail store.


Warehouse And Factory Lighting

Industrial settings, such as warehouses and factories come with an element of danger. There can be vehicles moving through or heavy machinery in use. Having sufficient and reliable commercial lighting in such environments is essential. In our commercial lighting range, we have a range of LED tube lights, high bay lights, LED bulkheads, and site lights as well as plenty more that are suitable for warehouses, factories and construction sites.


Types Of Commercial Lighting

In our wide range of commercial lighting for businesses and commercial premises - we have the following types of lighting available:

  • LED Tube Light - A great low-cost solution for lighting a variety of workspaces. These are available in sizes from 2ft to 6ft and can be paired with our LED Batten Light Fittings.
  • High Bay LED Lights - An ideal choice for industrial buildings such as warehouses with high ceilings.
  • LED Panel Light - Ideal for both retail and office spaces, and available in several colour temperatures depending on what type of illumination you’d like.
  • Site Lights - Industrial lighting for the construction site or building work, which can easily be moved between jobs.
  • LED Bulkhead - Often placed in offices, reception areas or stairways to give a gentle, wide-reaching light that welcomes people into space.
  • LED Floodlights - If you need to provide super bright and expansive light as part of your business operations, then browse our range of floodlights for improved security and more.
  • Exterior Lighting/Outdoor Lighting - If you want to spruce up your business’ car park or exterior architecture, then check out our range of external lighting solutions.

Ordering with Simple Lighting means you can choose from a huge selection of the best commercial lighting solutions on the market. We understand how important commercial lighting is to business customers, we offer trade and wholesale discounts for registered tradespeople, lighting resellers and electrical fitters.

If this applies to you, please feel free to get in touch for more information as we will do our best to assist you. For any order(s) over £75, we offer free delivery.

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