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Colour Changing RGB LED TV Backlight Kit For 18-23" TV


24V Voltage
50,000 Hours Lifespan
8.64-14.4w PM Wattage
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Colour Changing RGB LED TV Backlight Kit For 18-23" TV

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Product Description

Colour Changing RGB LED TV Backlight Kit for 18-23" TV (Including LED Driver)

Change the way you watch television with our stunning colour changing TV backlighting kits. The latest trend in home entertainment, LED strips attached to the back of your television screen create stunning ambient light, as well as easing eye strain when you watch television.

Our colour changing tape can be controlled using the remote, to change between 8 stunning LED colours. You can also choose the brightness and select from several colour change sequences.

Each of our RGB backlighting kits include pre-cut LED tape to fit your TV, a remote and receiver, and an LED driver with a 2m mains lead ready to be wired into a 3 pin plug fitting or directly into your mains lighting.

Our LED tape is easily trimmed down if you find the tape is too long, just cut at the pre-marked guidelines.

Our Colour Changing Tape Kit is available in either 2 LED strips, for a more subtle effect, or 4 LED strips for full backlight illumination. You can also choose between our 30 LED per metre strips or 60 LED per metre strips, and whether you want waterproof tape or not (select IP RGB option in drop down menu).

What’s in the Box?

Our TV kits are available in either a 2 strip pack or a 4 strip pack, see information below;

2 LED Strip Pack

  • 2 x 300mm LED Strips (9 LEDs per 300mm for RGB 30 strip or 18 LEDs per 300mm 60 strip)
  • 6w or 15w LED Driver (with 2m mains lead)
  • Basic Remote Control and Receiver

4 LED Strip Pack

  • 2 x 300mm LED Strips (9 LEDs per 300mm for RGB 30 strip or 18 LEDs per 300mm 60 strip)
  • 2 x 400mm LED Strips  (12 LEDs per 400mm RGB 30 strip or 24 LEDs per 400mm RGB 60 strip)
  • 15w or 48w LED Driver (with 2m mains lead)
  • Basic Remote Control and Receiver

Why buy our LED TV Backlight Tape Kit?

  • Easy Installation – Pre-cut LED strips to fit your TV, with driver and mains cable included
  • Commercial grade – The product is made to last and has an extended 5 year warranty
  • Perfect fit – Our LED strips are easily cuttable every 50mm, so you can trim off excess if strips are too long
  • Brightness - Choice of 2 or 4 LED strips for subtle ambient light or four sided, super-bright illumination
  • RGB Colour – Change the colour of your lights to suit you, or choose from various colour changing sequences

Technical Specification

  • 24v DC
  • 7.2 watt (30 LED) or 14.4 watt (60 LED) power per metre
  • 120° beam angle
  • Uses branded 3m self-adhesive

As we cut this product from a 20m reel, it is excluded from our usual return policy, as it is personalised to your personal requirements (please refer to our terms and conditions for more information).


  • Beam Angle 120° Refers to the degree of width in which the light illuminates from the source.
  • Width 10mm The width of the product. Normally measured in mm unless otherwise stated.
  • Voltage 24V The operating voltage of the product. 220-240v AC is UK mains voltage (What comes out of your plug sockets). So if the voltage shown is below 220v then you will more than likely need a transformer for the light to operate.
  • Length 300-400mm The physical length of the product
  • Way of Mounting Self-Adhesive Backing
  • Height 3mm The overall height of the product at the tallest point.
  • Average Hours 50,000 Hours The average number of hours you would expect the light to run. N.B This is the manufacturers guild line, not a warranty period.
  • Delivery Time Next Day Delivery if Ordered Before 3pm
  • Cable Length 2m
  • Light Source LED The type of light, such as LED, CFL (Compact fluorescent), Halogen etc
  • Dimmable Yes Whether the brightness is dimmable or not. Some products are dimmable via specialist remote control systems we supply. Whereas some products are dimmable with mains voltage wall dimmer.
  • LED Colour Multi Colour The colour of light emitted from the light source. Such as Cool White, Warm White, Red etc
  • IP Rating IP20 Ingress protection rating. Classifies the degree of protection against water and dust.
  • Colour RGB Colour Changing
  • Lamp Base Integrated LED Indicates the size of the electrical connection at the bottom of the light source. Such as screw or bayonet etc. If you are confused with what you require please feel free to contact us for us.
  • Wattage 8.64-14.4w PM The total electrical power used of the light. A higher wattage no longer guarantee’s that the light is brighter. EG: there are LED products which are 5w which is equal in brightness to a 50w incandescent bulb.
  • CRI 80 Stands for colour rendering index. This is a measure of the ability of the light source to reproduce colours of different objects positively comparing with an ideal or a natural light source.
  • Number of Bulbs 9- 24 LEDs per strip

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